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"Dick" Morris backpedalling on Romney victory.

Sudden danger signs in polling as Election Day nears

By Dick Morris

Published November 02, 2012


As Election Day approaches, we must be very sensitive to last minute changes in the polls. Remember that President George W. Bush fell from a 4 point lead into a tie over the last weekend in 2000 and Clinton rose from a tie to a 5 point win in the last weekend of 1992.

With that caution in mind, a danger signal comes from the latest Rasmussen Poll reflecting a two point gain for Obama. Whereas before the storm, Rasmussen showed Romney two ahead, he now has the race tied at 48-48.

That is troublesome.

And, in Pennsylvania, Romney led on Wednesday night by two points but on Thursday night’s polling, he was tied.We have also seem slippage for Romney in Michigan.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/11/02/sudden-danger-sign...

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Personal attacks are childish, but

I can't stand this no-necked, know-it-all, blathering idiot! I wonder how much Romney is paying him. He, along with Hannity, O'Reilly, Cunningham, Coulter, Beck and Limbaugh can take a long walk on a short pier!