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What happens after?

What happens after this election as far as the movementis concerned? I know we have many writing in the Good Doc and we have many pulling the trigger for GJ. What are people planning to do after Nov. 6th? We should probably prepare for another war or financial meltdown, but politically speaking, what do people intend to do to further the R3volution?

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Paper Ballots

and transparent counting initiatives in your county.

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Honestly, I'm a little more worried about...

The whole Mayan calendar thing than I am about next week's election.

The election is a forgone conclusion.

obombya will win...unless, of course, romnie's neocons steal it, again, and riots will follow...

So, surviving all that, I'll watch the skys for a few weeks and reflect on some things.

2013 is the unknown.

Prepare, people.

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Same thing that happened

Same thing that happened after the last presidential election. We still have a long way to go, and there is still a lot to discuss and to do. Believe it or not, the liberty movement is about much more than electing a president. Stick around, it'll be fun!

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The difference between then

The difference between then and now though is that we had a pretty good idea that RP would run again. We certainly have a lot of work ahead of us. I just hope that "we" can keep it all together.


I hope we all unite to get paper ballots! If we don't get rid of the voting machines, we don't have a prayer.


I agree. If we focused on

I agree. If we focused on this ONE THING we can turn it around much sooner than later. Paper ballots, hand counted, in full view of the public at the precinct!!!

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