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The Hypocrisy of Gary Johnson Supporters


Pardon the bad audio quality, this new screen capture software I got isn't all that great. It skips a lot.
Funny thing about the Johnson supporters, they censor any mention of Johnson's name when associated with American drone strikes. I find that rather peculiar and very hypocritical. Anyone who thinks Johnson is "close" or "similar" to Ron Paul is delusional. The ugly truth is, a vote for Johnson is a vote for war. PERIOD.



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Funny - But sad really - every ridiculous charge possible is

being made against Gary Johnson - by sore Ron-Paul-write-in crazies.

Then one by one - I and others are finding proof that these charges are biased and untrue.

Then the Ron-Paul-write-in crazies come and vote DOWN the factual post - leaving the half-baked accusatory post to stand.

You hysterical Ron-Paul-write-in crazies just can't stand the truth can you? The election is coming fast and you are running all over trying to discredit anyone but a Ron-Paul-write-in (that won't be counted anyway because he ISN'T a CANDIDATE - no matter how much you wish with all your might that he was!)

Fortunately more of the country who see through the War Party will turn to a VIABLE CANDIDATE in Gary Johnson instead of just bullying Gary Johnson supporters, like Ron-Paul-write-in crazies are doing here.

You sound paranoid...

like you feel everyone is out to get you. o_O

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Why are you posting like this?

You sound like the soup nazi from Seinfeld. Sounds like you are trying to bait people on here. I have encouraged people to vote their conscience since DAY ONE. I have given Johnson credit where it is due, but a great number of people on this site who support him are costing Johnson a lot of votes by their conduct here.

What needs to be realized is that NEITHER OF OUR CANDIDATES are going to win. Not this time, at least. But right now you and others are setting Johnson up for a lot of resentment in the future with these type of posts and responses.

Gary Johnson certainly CAN win something in this election.

Namely 5% and credibility for the Libertarian Party.

Ron-Pau-write-in people can't win anything. Yet they are running wild voitng down anything with Gary Johnson in it.


you are at least partially correct, in that the LP currently has zero credibility. $50 million of taxpayer money isn't going to change that. :p

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

GARY JOHNSON is against drone strikes.

Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, stated the following during the Oct. 23, 2012 "Third Party Presidential Debate," in Chicago, IL, hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, available at www.c-span.org:

"We have to stop with the drone strikes."
Oct. 23, 2012 Gary Johnson


"While Johnson positions himself as a strong anti-war candidate who wants to cut the defense budget by 43 percent, he told TheDC that he supports America’s efforts to aid African troops in tracking down Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony and that he wouldn’t rule out leaving behind American bases in Afghanistan.

Johnson said that while he wants to end the war in Afghanistan, that doesn’t mean he would necessarily stop drone attacks against terrorists in Pakistan or Yemen, even though he believes they create more enemies than they kill.

'I would want to leave all options on the table,' Johnson said."


Johnson is just putting the drones "on the table".. until after he's elected.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Wow!Just spit

my water all over!Thank you, all about the money.....I have read that article also before with the interview on dailycaller.Yes it is about the message and keep taking over.This guy nailed it to a T.They know that the Liberty movement is taking over the GOP and we can not stop!

For the message of Liberty!That is a must watch video!My vote and message will be for Liberty and I will not stop.What this gentleman is saying is what some of us have been trying to say but we get shut out.If you notice he said that some Lib.supporters actually did not support Ron Paul at all.Its all about the money,waiting in the wings to hijack the movement for the money.(Roger Stone the man behind Gary Johnson)

There are many ways forward but to bash the Libertarians...

...gets the republicans NOWHERE.

Instead of bashing the Libertarians, why not embrace them and welcome them into the party?

I was NOT a Gary Johnson supporter until our cause fizzled like popcorn in the rain.

The RNC/GOP cheating in Tampa showed me a TON of up and coming young republicans who are anti-Paul all the way.

They outnumber us now and they always will.

Trying to change the republican party from within is futile. And that's coming from a republican PCO and Delegate to my state's convention.

I was a Ron Paul supporter all the way but in the end what the hell would you have us do???

You go ahead and vote for Romney like I know you're going to.

That's fine, but my vote for Johnson will at least get COUNTED and will show the rotted GOP how badly they needed us.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I wrote-in Ron Paul. Sorry to disappoint you!

“Never think of pain or danger or enemies a moment longer than is necessary to fight them.”


not good


Ron Paul tells 9/11 Truther why he won't come out about the...


one minute into video


We "truthers" overlooked Ron Paul's hypocrisy.

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