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Stranded New Yorkers Are Defecating in Apartment Buildings (Video)

Stranded New Yorkers Are Defecating in Apartment Buildings (Video)

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reUi7ncHduQ

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Bloomberg Doesn't Give A Sh*t


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find some cat litter or something. Ugh.

It make you think

Even if trapped in that situation with no running water, what reasonable adult human being would ever consider taking a shit in the hallway? Seriously. People don't do that. Even dogs don't do that. This is the mayor's fault?

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

I don't really want to watch

I don't really want to watch a video of people defecating.

New Yorkers stranded

New Yorkers stranded.

They didn't have five days warning of a monster storm? They couldn't drive walk hitch fly train out of there in five days? They voluntarily stayed so now they suffer consequences.

geez, Earl...

...thanks for the visual ;-)

(didn't even need to click onto the link)

I'm Getting Better axisOFgood!!

...and I have Dr. Nystrom to thank for my as fast as "crap through a goose" lighting speed...

They have no 5 gallon buckets in NYC?

I mean, I understand these folks are in a serious hurt, but have they ever heard of "camping?" Did they not hear about Sandy for a week or more before it hit? Did not ONE PERSON think to get a 5 gallon bucket and some garbage bags?
Did they not know they would need to crap?
I guess being a "prepper" makes me a suspected terrorist.... BUT I WOULD HAVE A PLACE TO CRAP!

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

nyc isn't a melting pot, it's a cesspool

it's home to scum like chuck "shylock" schumer and nanny bloomberg.

Yep. And They'll Both Get Reelected

...by promising New Yorkers more public potties and free flashlights during future emergencies. New York deserve them both. (I'm an "ex-NYer").

i know how you feel

luckily this is bloomberg's last term, after he created an additional term for just himself through some political maneuvering. on the downside, it'll just be another leftist piece of garbage.
as for schumer it doesn't seem like he'll ever vacate his seat.

No Need for Buckets

New Yorkers have been crapping on each other for decades. It simply takes a disaster like this for them to recognize the stink they've created for themselves.

Isn't That Illegal?

Arresting the illegal poopers would allow them to perform those basic doodies in the jail johns.

Mayor issues new policy, No Shit.


Free includes debt-free!

You are mistaken. The Mayors

You are mistaken. The Mayors policy only concerned GAS.