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Poem: The Wisdom Of Old

For those who find it difficult to help their family and friends become aware of the "New World Order" and the tyranny that is taking place to help justify it...

This poem is for You
And for them.

The Wisdom Of Old

You can lead a man to facts,
But you can't make him think.
His mind is led by familiar faces
Spewing lies and spinning aces
Designed to make him sink

Into a world where ignorance is bliss
And knowledge is dangerous

Listen to this

Being aware is not so hard
When you have the tools to discard
The lies that are being sold


The Internet, our saving grace
May slip away without a trace

So don't just listen, look it up
Find the source for what you are told
For you might find the wisdom of old

That truth if sought, can be taught
Yet is seldom ever told

Written by S. Becker


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