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I Need Your Help Finding Out Where Gary Johnson Really Stands On The Issues!

I have been recently studying the differences between Gary Johnson's and Ron Paul's philosophy. And yet there is a big lack of information on a lot of the details. I have heard about Gary Johnson's support of humanitarian aid to particular countries and yet I had a hard time finding articles about these critical positions. We have had random posts about different things that Johnson has supported and I believe that we should have a post that clearly lays out all the information on past stances of Gary Johnson to finally see where he stands in comparison to Ron Paul. If all of us on this site could see this laid out clearly I believe we can all make a clear decision and see how much compromise would actually be involved in voting for Johnson if any. Most of us, I believe(including me), have made our minds up based on emotion and a few good sounding arguments but I think it would be beneficial for us to actually see the details. SO, to come down to the purpose of this, I would like to ask everyone to post an article or give links to certain web sites that do have some of the facts. And we can get them all gathered together. Thanks for reading and again if you have any interviews or anything that would shed more light on this please share in the comments.

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Gary Johnson wants a federal

Gary Johnson wants a federal solution to gay marriage, while Ron Paul wants to leave it up to the states.

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I just wrote this this morning:


I would also like to comment here that when I go to Ron Paul's 2012 official campaign site it diverts me to Campaign for Libery and I can no longer see Ron Paul's exact in one place as far as I can tell.

Gary compared against Goode, Romney, Obama and Stein

http://voterscorecard.com provides a side by side comparison of Gary on issues against Goode, Romney, Obama and Stein. You can also weight rank each issue higher or lower for the candidate results total.


cool thread!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Thanks everyone!

Thanks to all the links. I really appreciate it. :)

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"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

Got this from FB.

Credit to Carlos Beltran in fb.

Carlos Beltran : Gary Johnson is NOT a Libertarian. How is that? Pay attention.

People switch to GJ after Ron Paul has been Defrauded?? wake up and fix the system!

Photo of GJ stating that THe FED is 100% owned by the taxpayers. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4205808137318&set=pb....

Video where GJ states, "The FED is 100% owned by US taxpayers" @ 7:10

Gary Johnson on humanitarian WAR. He would NOT bring the troops home. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-1ktig7Pwg

Governor Gary Johnson, " I would not close Gitmo" .. Gary Johnson wants to keep detainment/torture camps open!

Gary Johnson leaving DRONE STRIKES in Pakistan and Yemen on the table! (2 countries we aren't even at war with) ~ who knows how many other undeclared countries would come next?? For every targeted person in a DRONE STRIKE 50 innocent civilians are killed..

People switch to GJ after Ron Paul has been Defrauded?? wake up and fix the system!

Exactly what I was looking

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Illusi0nz and Carlos Beltran.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016





"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous


TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein: Gary Johnson’s strange foreign policy

Libertarian Party presidential contender Gary Johnson has been portrayed as an anti-war candidate, but that isn’t quite so clear.

Johnson sat down with reporters and editors from The Daily Caller last week, generously providing his time to answer any and all questions, no matter how difficult or ludicrous.

But when pressed on foreign policy topics throughout the interview, Johnson gave answers that didn’t always seem to add up and were often, at best, unorthodox positions for a man who has been painted as a non-interventionist.


Gary Johnson on The Federal Reserve
L: What is your position on the Fed and the gold standard?

J: The Federal Reserve deserves full responsibility for the housing bubble and as well deserves credit for mitigating the bust. Overriding that, the dollar is now worth a nickel. I understand the arguments for a free market in money and I support them. I shy away from the phrase “regulate the Fed” because I do not want Barney Frank deciding monetary policy. I wouldn’t say the Fed needs to be abolished. I understand the argument for a gold standard, though. The US government should be pursuing a strong dollar policy, which the Fed hasn’t done.


I do not like the supporting of the continuation of the FED.This is a game stopper for the Libertarian Candidate.This interview was done in 2010!



Great Post

I'm sure who got close with Gary Johnson would know. It said he was a great governor of New Mexico. Just watched http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/ and http://www.ontheissues.org/gary_johnson.htm (seems to be down so using this http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:o8XzajG... )