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I think the best thing we can do to send a message, be a Libertarian.

I think the best we can do as registered Republicans, clothed in Libertarian garb, is to simply drop from the Republican Party, and be who we are, Libertarians. The "minority" that was such a disturbance these past 4 years can join the Libertarian Party, and instantly make it a viable party in 2016 and beyond. Enough of this 2 party monopoly. Could you imagine if every registered Republican, that shares our principals, could loudly tell the establishment, ENOUGH? We are a strong, intelligent, viable, and GROWING 20% of this country, and we have a voice. Like a money bomb, we could just switch on the same day, send a message to the GOP and change the face of politics, forever. I would love to see the look on the GOP chairman's face when in one day, the GOP tent became smaller by 35-40% and Libertarian tent grew those percentages the same day. How would they spin that?

Don't get me wrong, I'm in California, i'm a registered Republican, but only because I was going to vote for Ron Paul. And you best believe, I am going to write in RON PAUL on my ballot come Tuesday, only because my State allows it. I would hate to live in a state that doesn't allow a write in vote, I suppose it is because I would have a hard time voting for anyone else. I just think this would be the best way to tell the GOP and everyone else that we refuse to be treated the way we were. We may not be right, but we play by the rules, and we've earned a voice in the Elections going forward.

It was disgusting, and we deserve better. Everyone does.

I don't know, just a thought I guess...

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the best part of being a Libertarian

I discovered the best part of being a Libertarian this elections cycle. I have always been registered Independent/non-partisan. But this election I registered Libertarian to help keep their ranks up so they can have ballot access.

....and the best thing is that I have had virtually no robo-calls!!!! and very little junk mail. The major parties ignored me for a change. The most peaceful election season ever. I highly recommend it.

another fake Liberty supporter!

Vote for RR.
I have no words for you!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

the only people that would be

the only people that would be excited about us leaving the GOP would be the GOP establishment. there is nothing to gain from joining the GOP rejects of the Libertarian Party.

In the short term you're right..

but in the long term there is everything to gain. We are libertarians by definition, why keep trying to insert ourselves where we are not wanted? GOP elite will NEVER let us in, so why not take over the Libertarian party in the same way we stormed the GOP. If all liberty minded "republicans" left the GOP on the same day, I think they would have to notice. If Gary Johnson, can be on almost every ballot across the U.S., then why not? The party is ripe for the taking and i think the Libertarian ticket can be a MAJOR force come 2016.
I'm not trying to tell anyone how or who to vote for this election, i'm looking toward the future.

If Ron does run in 2016

my guess is it will be as a Libertarian. I live in a "sore looser" state so writing in Ron Paul is not an option for me. I'll be voting for Gary Johnson in 2012 with hopes it will help strengthen the Libertarian party for 2016, possibly with Ron Paul as it's nominee.

a boy can dream...

but I think the good Dr. is retired for good, and I just don't know if Rand will be the one to fill in the shoes...what is so wrong with actually aligning ourselves with a party we all SHOULD be in?

"I think the best thing we can do"

Thanks, but I prefer to think for myself. ;)
Seriously, it is that type of attitude that will wear you down. What is the best thing YOU can do, and preferably, do with no one else at all?
I suspect the time is coming when it will be obvious to every individual here that they must act, so each of us will get off our butt and do something. Then "we" will stand together, but we will stand up alone. Trying to get a single purpose or plan of action was the miracle named "Ron Paulo." I was lucky enough to watch it happen, now I have to walk it in the way it resonates in my heart. You do the same, see ya when we get there!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I read the title a little differently

Send the message: be libertarian. Respect other people's property, respect their freedom to live as they wish as long as they don't hurt anyone, refrain from accepting money from any government agency at any time (the money is stolen), do not participate in the American Empire via the military or military industrial complex, be vocal about the right of individual to be left alone, respect all business and personal voluntary associations. Vigorously defend the freedom of speech, press, religion; protect habeas corpus, right to bear arms, to be secure in your privacy and papers, and the right to not incriminate yourself, the right to your day in court.

Revolution begins in your head.

I'm not going back to the LP

I'm going to do my best restoring the republic in the GOP.

To Granger

Howdy, I'm the reverse of you. I've been a RepukiCAN my whole life, and after voting Bush the second time - I promised myself THEY would NEVER get my vote again UNLESS they have a liberty candidate, not lying scumbags like McLame and Romney. Also, I do not WANT to encourage the NEO Cons and the Country Club scum that run the RepukiCAN party - they have STUCK it to me every Election since the 80's - promising small government, cutting spending etc and I've GOTTEN ZIP... - I really hope Obama wins.... You're entitled to your voting for Mittens -but DO NOT even think if Mitten's gets elected that you WILL ever get to vote For Rand Paul in 2020 or 2024. It's NOT going to happen. It might Happen if Mitten's doesn't get in... BUT if Mitten's wins, HE and his pals will clean house and they will get rid of any of the liberty movement in the Republican party; plus he will have the presidency for 4 years, and run again (if he wins that's 8 years) and then they run Paul Ryan as the Candidate. NO THANKS! I'll vote Repukican for the candidates locally if they aren't compromised. (but as always you can vote for who you want to,) but realize that if Mitten's gets in - I'm pretty sure we won't see a liberty candidate in the Republican party until 2024... That's 12 years maybe more! They knows this and they want to "Con" people into HATING Obama - he's no worst then Bush was, IMO. I totally get why people are voting for Gary Johnson and writing in Ron Paul... I don't get why anyone would vote for Mitt Romney though.

"Many of us agree that you and I have no right to use coercion against people who don't owe us anything. The same prohibition applies to groups of people who constitute the government. The reason is simple: unjust acts do not become just when legalized. "

Somewhere I read, probably here

It takes 15-20 years for the materialization of an indea, such as restoring the republic. So expecting the GOP to immediately deliver "liberty candidates", when those candidates are us, and we have quite a learning curve to accomplish.. so 20 years is not unreasonable. We would be looking at 2027 at the earliest.

So in the meantime, we have a lot of learning, and good fighting to imbed our message, restoring the republic", in the GOP. I think we are very lucky to have Rand, and the Paul family, and Ron Paul is still alive.. how wonderful.. and you lived to see him in action.

I know the future is in the GOP, I hope Obama loses and I look forward to restoring the republic beginning with the GOP.

To Granger (2)

Howdy again (I assume the "15-20 years" comment was directed at my previous comment to yours). Ron Paul's been at this for 45 years or something like that, so yeah, I get it- it takes time, no argument here on that point. Also I have never said anything bad about Rand Paul, I'd have voted for him in a heart beat even though I don't agree with a lot of stuff - I don't have to agree with someone 100% to vote for them. I do think Rand Paul must be pretty amazing to even run for office (I would never do it). I'd vote for him on his TSA stance alone. Also I have never said I'm "leaving the GOP". I said I won't vote for non liberty candidates.

Originally, I was just commenting on the point that you were going to vote Mitt Romney (which is fine - I wasn't trying to talk you out of it) I just wondered your reasoning (see my other comments for my reasoning to NOT vote for Romney). - I just don't see any argument that my voting for Romney will help us or anyone at this point. That's cool if you see it but I can't. I had two friends say Obama is evil, that Romeny will over turn Obamacare (there's no proof of that and it's reasonable to assume he can't do it), that the economy can't handle 4 more years of Obama... - Well we all know we are playing with Monopoly money (at this point) so that's a non argument for me. I'm not trying to start an argument or anything - I was just wondering if your reasons were any different then those three that I have heard. If anyone can give me 1 real REASON to vote FOR Romney that would actually benefit anyone I'd like to hear it. I have more reasons to vote for Obama then I do Romeny actually; if Obama wins more Neo Cons and Country Club Republicans will leave the GOP and we can get more people in -
(and btw I can NOT stand Obama).
(as always everyone should vote how they want and shouldn't be "judged" - and it's good to have the Daily Paul where we can discuss this and not be arrested [YET anyway]) Thanks. :)

"Many of us agree that you and I have no right to use coercion against people who don't owe us anything. The same prohibition applies to groups of people who constitute the government. The reason is simple: unjust acts do not become just when legalized. "

I've been thinking about this

I have not voted yet. I went to my GOP headquarter's for the first time since they opened. I had said at the last meeting that I would help, and asked for a schedule, but I didn't get one, nor an email or a phone call, and I'm thinking.. I worked realy hard to get Ron Paul the nomination, that's why I'm doing any of this, and he didn't get the nomination, and yet, I've got a county GOP committee seat, and I've show up to all the meetings but one, mostly as a quest, they appointed me a seat last August and I will assume my elected by default seat in January.. they have not taken me up on any of my offers, and to me, it's their loss, so I laid back.. yet, when the GOP senator candidate came to town I did go to the luncheon, and I did ask Emken what she had to offer us other than "She's not Diane Feinstein".

As nice as Emken is, and maybe she's qualified.. she's lucky Feinstein doesn;t debate her.. but the shame is, "CA doesn't have anyone to compete with Feinstein?" This is the best the GOP can do?

Let me say, the short time I was at the headquarters today, I enjoyed it. I like and admire the Chair, Stan Anderson.. we may not agree on some issues, but I admire him and think I'm lucky to know him and have him as my chiar. I can see that I have a future, which I never had as a LP member or an Indy.

My reasoning in voting Romney have evolved from keeping my loyalty oath I took when I agreed to serve on the committee as an lected for two years, accepting Ron Paul did not win the nomination, to trying to find what is good about Romney over Obama.

St first I was thinking that as Ron paul Republicans, it would be better to have Romney because then, like a rEVOLution within the GOP we can work to keep out party/ourselves to the constitution, restoring the Republic.. Romney is a flip floper, so if we pressure our fellow elected party members with resolutions and at conventions, then maybe this is a good thing.. maybe we can come up with someone who can replace Feinstein? Though here in CA, that could be another Democrat.

Then I heard that CA had become one of the 10 states, Democratic Party controlled by coincidense, that will count Ron Paul write-in votes.. and I thought.. gee.. I could do that.. but truth is, I couldn't. Ron Paul gave us the message, Restore the Republic.. and so now I am doing that as best as I can in the GOP, which Romney, who deserves to be held accountable to the constitution as he held us accountable to the loyalty oaths of the party and his shenanigans.. I'm voting Romney, I want him to win, I want us to write respiltutions to the house and I think we need to take the GOP as Ron Paul is still a Republican, like Rand..

As for judging people.. This will be my first major party candidate vote.. I've always voted, "the man", "my conscious", and after decades of watching things get progressively worse.. I appreciate Ron Paul inviting me to join the GOP.. I never thought I would be a Republican.. it has not been easy,, but I can see, we are the future.


Loyalty with the devil will not accomplish our goal. It only reinforces their position and their power.

War is not fun. To have a comfortable seat serves no person when the rest of us are fighting every step of the way. It was stolen.

But you already know all that.

Vote how you want. I hope that you sleep well at night if/when at some future time they get rid of you after you have served their political purpose/gain.

In the future, you will not be one that I trust to charge ahead with us. Sorry to be so blunt, but as I said, this is battle.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

When you say "the Devil"

You make Romney bigger and badder than he is, unbeatable, and that's not right.

Evil is like water, it's part of life, and everywhere, and many good intentions wind up evil..

This is battle and the battle is in the GOP, and if you run away from what you perceive as evil, then you are perpetuating that evil by not actively stopping it.

In this case, it's a set up, I will gladly give Romney the set up he wants believing that the oaths we take to the constitution, something many reguard as evil BTW, will show, the bigger they are they harder they fall. Put Romney is a position to hold accountable.

Yeah, good luck with that. I

Yeah, good luck with that. I mean that sincerely. Such a concept might succeed if the powers which currently own the GOP decide to pack up their tents and go home and electronic voting machines cease to exist.


See my response to the post above. And yeah, I think the election is rigged... I know it is... isn't that what we just went through with Romney?

Yes it is. They wouldn't

Yes it is. They wouldn't even read aloud RP's delegate count despite the fact Romney had enough delegates anyway. Even Blitzer seemed a bit astonished. How much more insulting does it need to be?

They were trying to ignor us

This is why we stay and fight.. first they ignor you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you.. we are fighting.. of course they want us out of the GOP.. but there are more of us.. this is no time to leave after the election.. Palin's peeps are coming in, and we should be staying in, and getting those seats and preparing to keep fighting the good fight. We are winning..

I'm not so sure Palin's peeps

I'm not so sure Palin's peeps coming in is a good thing. There is a reason she was McCain running mate.

Everyone knew how hard Hillary worked to become president

selecting Palin was to slam Hillary for not being GOP.

As much as I think it would be fantastic to have the GOP filled with nothing but Ron Paul Republicans.. the truth is, most folks for Ron Paul are not Republicans, have no intention of getting involved with the GOP, so what's to stop the Palin peeps?

I keep reading for that grassroots plan that's going to restore the Republic that is outside the GOP, and the closest so far is off the whitehouse offering to host petititons to secede from the union.


granger:"I'm going to do my best restoring the republic in the GOP." good luck with that!

Formerly rprevolutionist

Is that your message to Dr. Paul?

That is his plan after all.

At least you don't call...

Ron Paul a "cult leader".

Ron/Rand Paul 2016! Constitution Party 2016!

Why not do what Ron Paul has

Why not do what Ron Paul has done...back both?
Ron Paul is a lifetime LP member and continues to donate to it (and the CP).
He also supports fiscally conservative candidates within the Republican Party.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Do You Know For A Fact

...that Ron Paul is donating to the "current" Libertarian Party? I am sure he "is" donating in time and money to Mises and any organisation that promotes Austrian economics.

I find it difficult to believe that in 2012 he donated any money directly to the Libertarian Party as I would find that very strange. Bbut I could be wrong.

Where did you get your information?


Because I'm new to the GOP

I joined the GOP in 11 when he annoiced he was running. I started going to the central committee meetings as a guest, and they were not pleased about my being a Ron Paul RepubliCAN.. I'm OK, but that Ron Paul, I was accused at the second to last meeting of being a Libertarian.. so because there is a trust issue, I think it's best right now if I just focus on the GOP and get to know it better.


I agree with your decision.

I have also decided to follow some (not all) of your advice. I am a registered Republican, but I have not focused so much gop. Maybe the time is right that I do.

Please do me a favor and consider, for future elections, voting the person, not the party.

And then I will smile :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I am voting the materization of the message, restore the republic, as a republiCAN. This is the first time I have ever gave a major party candidate a consideration and vote. I have thought very hard about my pending vote and so, accepting the fact RP will not eb president, I prefer Romney to Obama, and believe the whole thing is rigged, afterall I witnessed it, even though RP did not have the numbers..we've survived the censorship and shenannigans and deserve respect.. we're earning it, definately.

When Rand runs I'll be voting for the man.


Granger, you screwed it up again, sheesh!

Well, I will forgive you this time :-) And maybe the next. Just try a little harder, ok?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul