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Bill Whittle video - special message for all RP /GJ Voters out there

Hey all -- I was reading an article on The Blaze web site and saw a link for another article (video in this case), that caught my eye. The title of it is:
And now, a special message for all the Ron Paul / Gary Johnson voters out there., it's dated today (2 Nov 2012) and runs about 7.5 minutes. I thought it was compelling, and when I searched it didn't appear to have been posted here yet so I'm doing it. Don't shoot the messenger, please!

here's the link:

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I left him my 2 cents worth.

I will probably get lots of hate replies. LOL!

I got this this morning THIS GUY IS A PIECE OF WORK

The subject line was FW: Please watch & forward

and I watched it for as long as I could deal with it and posted this at Youtube:

huh....I was at the RNC. Dude you have to catch up on what is going on inside the RNC. REAL Americans will not win an election again. With respect, please look up the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION. The Republican Party in the US is a member. Goodluck Bill Whittle with getting a clue.