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Need recommendations on buying a rifle

I'm looking to buy a legal assault rifle. Would like any recommendations on licensed FFL dealers online or in Las Vegas. I've been looking at budsgunshop but just wondering if there are better deals to be had. Also, any suggestions on type and caliber would be great. In a perfect world, this rifle would be both versatile as a hunting rifle for deer and possibly elk as well as defense. I live in Nevada so we are able to buy some pretty neat toys here.

As for caliber recommendations, let's try to avoid getting too pricey on ammunition costs. I know some caliber rounds are expensive and some are pretty cheap.

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Go for an older 80's to 90's version of the Mini-14 Ranch

In full stainless steal too... $400-600 dollars.

Simply dependable with a couple of extra 30 round mags.


Many prefer these over the AR's. I certainly do.

Just stick a white piece of paper in the action and take a quick look down the barrel to make sure the rifling is still there before you buy. Don't buy one that has been abused... you will know just by looking at the rifling in the barrel.


I'll elaborate a little

Why you want the Ranch version is because the receiver is grooved for scope mounts whereas the standard model isn't. There is not one aftermarket scope mount that works. Ditto on the Stainless Steel that stuff is indestructible.

Patterned after the legendary M-14 Ruger also makes the Mini-30 in 7.62x39 cal. if you want more punch.

For the money it's a great versatile rifle in .223 and the ammo is still reasonable.
There is also a .22 removable conversion kit for plinking.


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If you're in Vegas go talk to people at Front Sight in


Also look up David Champion. He's a gun aficionado and can likely help you make your decision. (http://www.davechampionshow.com/archives/)

Don't buy!

...at Walmart or any licensed dealer if you don't want the feds to know you have it. Each and every time the FBI background check is run...they database it. Under Federal Law passed after 9-11...they can now gain access to that database for a number of reasons...first and foremost being counter terrorism. Now...whom do you think are going to be labeled terrorists when you need your gun the most? When they put the screws on us...and they will at the appointed time...everyone will be forced to turn in their firearms. After a certain amount of time, they'll come to your house and demand you turn them in if you haven't voluntarily done so. They will search your property with the power of law from Executive Order. The only way we fight with arms is to have arms and ammo that they don't know about. Buy with cash from your local newspaper classifieds from an owner ( not dealer). Buy ammo with cash. Find a clever place to stash them.

Good luck!

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When we get to that point,

When we get to that point, worrying about seizure won't be my first concern.


He's got a point

Buying a gun just to have it taken away will do you no good... unless you think you're not going to let them.

I advocate buying from individuals wherever possible.

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look at the S&W MP

look at the S&W MP 15-22


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You want "cheap" and quality?

WalMart...Sig Sauer AR-15 in 5.56 for $899 with optics!! They have a less expensive Sig without the scope. Now, for around $140, you buy the little conversion piece that allows the rifle to shoot 22LR ammo. So, for well less than $1k you have a German-engineered rifle that shoots 3 different shells: cheap, cheaper and cheapest! (5.56, 223, and 22LR).

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Same gun same round?

My top 6 choices below:1)

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4) Springfield M1A caliber .308 cost $1450 new $1200 used


I swear by an M-14...
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excellent weapon. 7.62 ammo. There will be plenty of that kind laying around.

.308 same as 7.62 Nato/7.62x51?

I found this:



Yes there are slight

Yes there are slight differences between 7.62x51mm NATO and .308 Winchester. That article is a good one also the wiki has some good info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.308 Generally however, interchanging the two is considered perfectly safe, The difference is something you should be aware of and as always read your owners manual or check with the rifle manufacturer just to be sure.

M1A is a brand name for Springfield Armory's semi-auto version of the M14.


That would be my choice too - M-14 very nice.

I have an M1 Garand, it is nice too.


My top 6 choices below:1)

My top 6 choices below:

1) Ruger Minin 14 caliber .223 cost $670 new $500 used

The Mini 14 is the absolute best value semi-auto on the market right now. You can pick one up from Walmart for $670 new-in-the-box. Pros: All American Made, extremely rugged and reliable, lightweight, wood stock has classic American look, .223 ammo is cheap and plentiful. Cons: you wont win any paper target contests with it.

2) Colt "M4" LE6920 caliber .223 cost $1070 new $1000 used

If you must have an AR-15 this is they one to have. True mill-spec this is the same thing our front line troops are using except it has a 2" longer barrel and is semi auto only. No research needed, no need to spend hours on the internet wading through AR-15 fanboy mixing and matching of parts, uppers, lowers, chrome part this trigger upgrade that, nope non of that. The Colt LE6920 is the real mil-spec deal. Pros: Colt brand name, accurate, lightweight, good ergonomics. Cons: can jam if not properly cleaned, expensive.

3) SKS caliber 7.62x39 cost $300-500 used

The SKS was produced in large numbers by the former soviet block countries and allies. Pros: Rugged and reliable, 7.62X39 caliber packs a heavier punch than .223, lowest price semi-auto, Ammo is cheap. Cons: Heavy, Stock is too short for taller people, fixed magazine.

4) Springfield M1A caliber .308 cost $1450 new $1200 used

If you have the money this is the one to get. A true battle rifle in every classic sense of the word. .308 is no sissy .223 or 7.62x39 round and will really take down the bad guys. Pros: A real battle round in the .308, Ultra Reliable, accurate and long range capable. Cons: Large and Heavy, expensive, ammo costs more.

5) AK-47 caliber 7.62x39 Cost $400-1200

There a reason the "other half" of the world uses this rifle. Pros Rugged, Reliable, medium weight, user friendly. Cons: communist invented it, quality varies wildly based on receiver manufacturer.

6) M1 Carbine caliber .30 Carbine $400-2000

The M1 Carbine is a pistol on steroids with a rifle stock. Used by support troops in WW2 and Korea. Pros: Extreamly lightweight, reliable, compact, good close range stopping power. Cons: Not effective at range.

There you have it. Honorable mentions that did not make the cut FN FAL, CETME, ar-10 and AR-180

SKS baby!!

Lead and non-lead ammo! Lots of it.

You can rest assured that if you need it to hunt, you can use the non-lead so the risk of poisoning your family is done away with.


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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I like Henry

I've been lusting after a Henry 22lr for a year

My dad had a Winchester Model 94 and he took many a deer with it. I don't wish to hunt, nor do I wish to hurt my fellow man, but I love to shoot. Plinking is great fun, and it requires skill to do it well. And no round is as available or cheap as 22LR.

All that being said, a lever action 22LR is no toy. It is lethal at short range, without the added danger of unintentional wall penetration that could hurt or kill innocent people next door.

No weapon, no matter what it is, will defeat a person trained in military tactics. When the SHTF, forget taking on a well armed police state with weapons unless you want to die young.


Scary black assault rifles are really cool and everything, but there's something to be said for a nice old-fashioned, beautiful wood rifle like great-grandpa had.

Think about it, which one would you rather the jury see? LOL.

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I think you are getting a lot of great advice here.

But we all have our personal preferences. Please go online and check out Bud's Gun Shop:


Bud's has a great selection and the lowest prices I have been able to find, even at gun shows. You have to have the gun shipped to an FFL, but Bud's has a list of approved ones if you don't know of a local dealer yourself ( the FFL holder usually charges about $35 for using their license ).

For a rifle I love the classic look, accuracy and knock down power of the Springfield Armory M1A in .308. A great American military rifle and still American made.



The best thing to happen to me was stumbling upon budsgunshop.com. Great deals and a WIDE variety of weapons. budspolicesupply.com is one of their branches that allows LE, Military, FF, public officials, etc to take advantage of yet sweeter deals. Just bought a S&W M&P40 for $399. Free shipping. $4 insurance to ensure quality and free shipping/replacement if product is received with flaws. Shipping to an FFL dealer right down the road who is going to charge a $20 transfer fee. $423 said and done. I don't work for buds, but it's hard to find better deals than that which they have to offer.


Like a kid in a candy store, the only problem with Buds's is....

....I don't have enough money to get everything I desire.

Fast shipping, e-mails tracking your purchase, great prices and customer reviews are what makes Bud's so great. Wish I had a job there!


If there's one thing I know, it's rifles. Now, what you want depends on what you're looking for. Since you noted ammunition costs, I'm just going to assume that you would not want .308 (70 cents or more per bullet). In that case, the rounds you'd want are the following (with my advice to the side):

5.56 NATO/.223: Great round, and relatively cheap if bought in bulk. The non-penetrator bullets are legendary for their tendency to fragment and make a huge mess of a target under 200 yards away, and are accurate out to five or six hundred. The brass ammo is a bit pricey, but nowhere near .308 levels, and most AR-15s will shoot steel ammo - just make sure to use PMags, not the aluminum GI mags. In the event of a ban on ammo imports, this stuff will still be readily available, and most is also reloadable.

7.62X39: Also a great round - half the price of 5.56, with more power. It is less accurate, however, and it doesn't make as big of a mess when it hits a target - the penetration is very good, though. The great thing about it, though, is that the rifles that fire it are inexpensive and borderline indestructible. If you load up soft points or hollow points, it makes a deer-hunting round that's roughly equivalent to the .30-30. Most rounds, however, are imported, though there are American manufacturers who make it as well.

5.45X39: The cheapest by a huge margin. It's accurate, the rifles that fire it are dependable, and it's extremely lethal. The only real problem with this round? Only one American company, Hornady, manufactures it. Everything else is Russian surplus, so take advantage of the price and stock up if you take this route.


Best round for the money

Now, on to the rifles themselves.

This also depends on your budget. I'd suggest a rifle in the $600 range - they're less expensive than the fancy guns, but much better in quality than the cheap-o guns like WASRs.

If you go the 5.56 route, I cannot recommend Smith & Wesson or Ruger highly enough. S&W makes a fantastic rifle called the M&P 15 Sport for roughly $630. It's only missing the (mostly useless) forward assist and the dust cover; people have torture-tested this thing, and it runs just as well as any other AR-15. Ruger makes the Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, which has the benefit of two things. First, it has the excellent M-14 operating system, making it more reliable than the already-reliable AR-15 system. Second, it doesn't look "evil" and gets ignored by most "assault weapon" bans. It's somewhat less accurate, and I've heard it doesn't like Russian ammo, but neither of those are very big deals. It's an excellent gun overall.

For 7.62, there's always the ubiquitous and FROM GLORIOUS MOTHER RUSSIA AK-47 (technically the AKM). This is, hands-down, the single most reliable semi-automatic rifle in existence, with the *possible* exception of its little brother, the SKS. The AK looks scary as heck, the ammo is cheap, deadly, and is so common that they sell it at my local Wal-Mart. It will eagerly eat up hollow-point ammo, which makes it a very effective defensive rifle. For the love of all that is holy, however, please DO NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, buy a WASR-10 - I can say from personal experience that the things are highly likely to be utter crap; if you don't carefully inspect every rifle first, your chances are good of grabbing one with any number of flaws. In the $600 range, you can get the far superior Interarms AKM or the Chinese MAK-90, which has a stupid thumbhole stock but has a thicker barrel, making it more accurate.

If you *must* go below $600, get an SKS, not a WASR-10. There are "paratrooper" SKS models that take AK magazines if you want the capacity, or you can get a normal one with the ten-round, internal top-loading magazine. It's an excellent rifle all around, and the only real weakness is the magazine.

Now, if you go 5.45, there are fewer options. You're basically limited to Ye Olde Kalashnikov, not that it's a problem. Again, Interarms (I swear I don't work for these guys. :P ) makes a good AK-74. Now, with the cost of ammo, you could probably afford to go with a pricier gun - one of the Arsenal AKs. These babies are genuine Russian-made guns, imported to the U.S. and fixed up by Arsenal in Nevada to comply with all the various dumb U.S. laws. They're the gold standard for AKs, by all accounts, and I considered getting one rather than the M&P I went with. These bad boys, however, are in the $800-$900 range, so they're on up there.

Okay, I'm done for now. If you want or need any more info, just message me or reply, and I'll help you as best I can.

Getting some great advice on here

I think I'm going to take the advice of a couple people on here. I'm liking the S&W M&P 15, Buds has it for $620 and it is very well reviewed on there as well. I also like the idea of picking up a cheap rifle as pointed out on here as well. The Mosin 91/30 can be had for under $100 at J&G Sales and if something happens to it while hunting, it's not something you're going to cry about. It shoots the 7.62x54r round.

What I think I will do is to buy both. I'll probably give the Mosin to my son at some point for his first rifle.


Funny thing.

I happen to have a Mosin as well. :D It's a beast of a rifle with a kick to match, but it'll bring down anything short of a rhino. Your only issue there is going to be putting a scope on it, and even that isn't really necessary.

What's your budget?If you're

What's your budget?
If you're going cheap, get an SKS (or even something like a bolt action Karabiner 98k, although that doesn't really fit the ambiguous "assault rifle" description.)
If you've got a little more to spend, pick up a WASR. It's a cheap AK-47 clone that's surprisingly good.
If you're willing to spend more money for a lot more accuracy, go for an AR-15 - Colt, Bushmaster and S&W are popular manufacturers, but there are a lot of smaller ones that also produce great quality guns like Stag, Olympic Arms, Rock River Arms and FPS Industries. I like the Colt 6920 personally. Caliber depends really on what you want to do.

If you haven't shot much before, it might be a good idea to pick up a .22LR rifle first, something like a Savage Mark II, CZ Trainer Rifle, Remington 597, Marlin 60, Ruger 10/22 or Ruger SR-22. A .22 is also beneficial in the long run, as ammo is dirt cheap (so you can shoot often) and is readily available, it's allowed on pretty much every range, it has very low recoil and it's useful for hunting small game in a SHTF scenario.

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Amen on the SKS

Lightweight for still hunters.

Yes, I do hunt with my SKS (no clip - second shots are a bitch)

For a first rifle, I prefer a 17 hmr instead of 22

THey are a blast to shoot...they are much more accurate and can shoot at longer distances. The rifle can also do a lot more damage than a .22lr...The ammo isn't terrible expensive either, only a little more than 22. You can get a box of 50 for under 10 dollars.


go to a local gunshow

go to a local gunshow http://www.gunshows-usa.com/nevada.shtml. wow though nevada sure doesnt have as many gun shows as we do here in ohio

i'd look for a AR thats

i'd look for a AR thats chambered in 6.5grendel or maybe find one in 7.62x36, Id say just get one in .308 but those are expensive bullets

Saiga Ak's can be bought

Saiga Ak's can be bought relatively cheap compared to the the AR-15's. They are more reliable and a OK SHTF weapon. The drawback of the AK is inaccuracy. But when you hit something it will not get back up. The AR's are more versatile and by far more accurate but are prone to misfires from dirt. What it comes down to is AK is good for semi-close areas and the AR is better in close range with a faster fire rate and less recoil.