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Can we get a Sandy aid effort here?

I'm in Ct, back from the storm and the outage, catching up on the news from NY and NJ. It's worse than I imagined.....can we help our fellow DPers and others?
First off, I m about 90 mn from NYC, if anyone here needs a place to stay, recuperate, heal, let me know.
Do we want to put together some goods, food, first aid, etc, in the name of Daily Paul, to donate? Any other ideas? I just feel we must do something.....

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Someone posted this Pizza project

you are there and can be more hands on, this is $8 for a large pizza and bottle of soda delivered to a family in need by a pizza place. http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?394321-The-State...

I don't know them, I'm just passing on the idea, since you were brainstorming.

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