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Ron Paul, young voters, and the unfettered power of social media

"“If Ron Paul isn't on 2012 ballot, I will write his name in anyways…”

In an informal poll of voters, age 18-25, who participated in Early Voting, 100% cast their votes via write-in for Ron Paul in North Carolina.

“A strong Ron Paul write-in vote will force attention to the Ron Paul message, and tell the world that the Ron Paul Revolution is here to stay.”

An estimated 22 million young Americans under the age of 30 voted in the 2008 presidential election. Though this demographic is typically not inclined to vote at all, one must wonder: What could this trend mean for the 2012 Presidential Election? Will the same engagement—far outside the historical norm—come to fruition at this critical point in our country’s evolving history?

The possible answers to that question are disturbing on many levels.

The majority of this budding group of voters gets their information, if any, from Social Media networks made up of other 18-25 year old citizens: A closed group of like-minded individuals feeding off of Paul’s powerful online campaign. Mainstream Media has not adequately covered the Ron Paul campaign, this we know (right or wrong)--or Mitt Romney's campaign, for that matter. But in terms of young voters, social media is the driving force providing a limited sphere of exposure to key issues for this demographic of potential voters."

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