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Movie: Battleship

So, I'm watching the movie "Battleship" ... terrible dialogue ... Half an hour in to it the aliens show up ... one goes off course and slams in to a skyscraper in Hong Kong ... the stupid film makers made the top fall off sideways ... they didn't even know that it falls straight down in a pile of dust!

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I had a problem with the end

at the end the hero gets the nod of approval from his girl and a smile and he smiles back. dude! your friends and brother just died in a gruesome battle, what the heck are you smiling for?

It came off as a recruitment film ending to me. you can be a hero too and kill the bad guys.

Why even waste your time

Why even waste your time watching that garbage?

Sorry dad,

I'll get back to my textbooks...

...because American Idle...I mean Idol...wasn't on?


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