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Vote however you want to vote

I've been reading a lot of things about how people will vote, why people should vote a certain way, how voting one way or another can send a message, etc.

It is very simple. Vote however you want to vote. Think about your vote, come to a decision you can live with and not regret, and vote that way. In the end you must do what you feel is right. Give it some thought and do it.

Give everyone else the respect they deserve while they do the same.

As for myself, I will write in Ron Paul because if I do anything else I will regret it. I don't care of it is counted or not. That is the decision I made for myself. I can understand if others do the same or do something different.

Just as I would not tell people what to do with their bodies or property, I am not about to judge someone on how they cast a vote, if that vote is made known to me.

As long as it was a vote they gave thought to, and can live with later, that is their choice and their business.

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Brent Stafford, A Hero in Liberty

Thank you sir, for your words and all you have done on the behalf of Ron Paul and Liberty: http://www.dailypaul.com/221346/this-is-brent-stafford-from-...

Thank you for putting your personal life on the line at the St. Charles caucus and thank you for the wise words at this time before the election.

May you continue to fight the good fight for liberty and see much success!

Be in line with everything you believe and you will be happy.

Wisdom of the Stoics... was just reading it.

Does it really take

Someone to tell RP'ers to vote how they want to vote..
But nice to see his words haven't been lost on everyone, after all, he's heen saying it for some thirty years.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


Good post. There's just been so much hate, people insulting each other, demonizing, and vicious treatment that it's getting much harder now to keep coming here. To all, DP is my fav, pls stop killing it. Thx.

I have seen many other debates here over the years. Zeitgeist v. Christians, Classical Liberals v. Constitutional Conservatives, Occupy v. .....people who looked stuff up and figured out that there were some collectivist philosophies tied to it, Paul v. P.Au.L., Pro-Rand v. Anti-Rand, and many others. This current debate is one I am not emotionally invested in at all. I have nothing against voting for GJ if that's what you want to do, cool by me! Just please do not disparage me for making a different individual decision. That's not cool, and I have seen some most uncool behavior of late, (not that I'm some shinning example myself, but I have openly acknowledge previous mistakes I have made here in the past, and I try to treat others as I'd want to be treated.)

I am quite sure that the DP will survive this, as it always does. However, It does appear to me that Constitutional Conservatives are being driven away. The DP is changing, I acknowledge that. If it devolves into a cesspool of insults, then we all suffer.

When it no longer says "Dedicated to Restoring Constitutional Government to the United States of America" at the top, that will be my queue. Until then, damn, guess your just stuck with me, lol!

The result of a rigged system - majority rule.

There is a lot of strife between well-intenitioned folks because democracy is a rigged game....it's not a game that can be won. What percentage of a vote would Jesus or Buddha get? Everyone has their angle of how to play the rigged slot machine and win... can you win in a rigged system?

If the road to truth is narrow, which seems apparent, the truth will rarely win a majority vote (if ever)....particularly when the populace grows a bit immoral.

crap normally wins....it's that simple. So vote your conscience, if you vote at all....perhaps the system will ultimately implode because it is in violation of natural law.

part of deciding who to vote for is research

listening to others arguments and discussing. So its all good. In the end, everybody votes how they want.

I won't write in Ron Paul because I happily have multiple good candidates on my ballot. I will vote for one of them and give them some of the support they deserve for standing up to the establishment and getting themselves on the ballot. Ron got my vote earlier this year he will have to settle for that!

Now, if I lived in Maine I might reconsider as he was totally screwed there and he might actually have enough support there to win a write-in.