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USAID paid $410 million to improve Palestinian infrastructure

The project also supported the improvement of basic Palestinian infrastructure needs by building and rehabilitating community centers, youth centers, classrooms, and community health facilities, according to USAID reports. USAID-reported accomplishments under this program occurring in fiscal years 2010 and 2011 include:
• renovated 5 hospitals and 6 clinics;
• upgraded 23 schools;
• constructed 3 schools;
• constructed or rehabilitated 26 water systems;
• provided almost 127,000 persons with access to potable water; and
• constructed or replaced over 30 linear kilometers of wastewater pipes.

Of the almost $789 million in assistance provided by the United States to the West Bank and Gaza from ESF appropriations for fiscal years 2010 and 2011, USAID has obligated about $760 million through April 2012, or 96 percent of the appropriations, and expended about $555 million, or 70 percent.

Department of State, Congressional Budget Justification: Foreign Operations Annex: Regional Perspectives, Fiscal Year 2013 (Washington, D.C.: 2012). Of the nearly $393 million fiscal year 2010 ESF appropriation for the West Bank and Gaza, USAID reported that it obligated almost 100 percent and expended 89 percent. Of the almost $396 million fiscal year 2011 ESF appropriation for West Bank and Gaza assistance, USAID obligated almost 93 percent and expended about 52 percent. Over the two fiscal years, $350 million, about 63 percent, of the USAID assistance expended was direct budget support in the form of cash transfers to the PA.

Of the almost $243 million remaining from the fiscal year 2010 appropriation after the cash transfers, USAID reported that it obligated almost 100 percent and expended 82 percent for program assistance to the West Bank and Gaza. Of the almost $196 million remaining from the fiscal year 2011 appropriation after the cash transfers, USAID obligated about 85 percent and expended almost 3 percent for program assistance. (See table 1.) According to USAID, this relatively low expenditure rate occurred because USAID received most of the fiscal year 2011 funds in April 2012, halfway through the following fiscal year


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