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3rd Parties Pulling 21% in early voting in Pinellas County, Florida!

Pinellas County, Florida Supervisor of Elections website shows 3rd parties at 21% in early voting.

Go Gary Go!

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Well, I added to that purported 21%

I dropped off my mail-in ballot here in Pinellas County yesterday going through the drive-through drop-off point, with my dib for Gary Johnson, so I added my two bits to that purported 21%. My car is all blinged out with Ron Paul bumper stickers, on front and back, and magnets on each side of my car. As I was leaving the drive-through, I could only smile silently as I heard a woman holding an Obama sign, to my left, quietly mutter, "Ohhhh, Roooon Paul;" and saw, to my right, a Romney guy walking toward the entrance, look away from my Ron Paul bumper sticker, with a slight look of seemingly painful frustration on his face.

As I filled out my ballot before I went, I really felt the gravitational pull on my hand, urging my pen toward the write-in spot to write-in Ron Paul. But, considering how write-ins are treated in Florida, I felt my vote would have more effect voting for a third-party candidate who's on the ballot.

So, Gary Johnson, ride the wave, mah man.

should be labeled

2nd parties

In this blog in informal polling 100% wrote in Ron Paul under ag

under age 25 in North Carolina early voting: http://www.examiner.com/article/ron-paul-young-voters-and-th...

I suspect we are the sort to vote early, being eager to vote for our candidate, however.

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This is a misleading thread. Read info in the link you posted carefully:

"The following figures represent total ballots CAST, not counted."

Nowhere is anything indicated about what which type of party is "pulling". [I'm assuming by "pulling" you meant, how counted votes turned out for whichever parties.]

Since no votes have been counted yet, title of this thread is based on an incorrect hypothesis.

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If I had to guess, these are the number of ballots cast by party. Not necessarily who they voted for. A lot of Independents will be voting for either Obamney. Unless there is something I am not seeing, then I could be wrong about that.

Oh my!! He's gonna win!!!

Not... lol

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And how are Ron Paul write-ins doing? ABSOLUTELY INVISIBLE!

Because he ISN'T a candidate!!!

So write-ins for him will not show up as "Third Party".

They will not show up as "Republican".

They will not show up AT ALL - except in a few states.

And it isn't necessarily Gary...

on the FL ballot, everybody's on there but Mickey. If your post is true and correct, this is good that so many are voting against the machine.

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46808/(91626+92451+46808) x 100% =20.3% Voters who are registered as neither Republican nor Democrat. Does not say how they are voting yet.

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I would assume Gary is getting at least half though.

Oops! Guess those voting machines

must be on the fritz down there...

(Rombama people better go n' "fix" 'em!)

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And you're going to make us

Search that out why? lol Link?:)

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