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Colorado: If you are not going to write Ron Paul in...

Vote for Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan who are on the ballot for the Peace and freedom party. They have more name recognition than all the other candidates except the 2 who's names shall not be said aloud.

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I wouldn't vote for that

I wouldn't vote for that idiot barr for all the tea in China.

Already voted for GJ

and proud of it!

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I work with a lot of people and hear a lot of people talking about who they voted or are going to vote for. Many say Roseanne but very few say Gary Johnson. I was tempted to vote for Johnson but the negativity that his campaign brought to the DP made me change my mind.

It will be interesting to see who wins between Gary and Roseanne.

And also, Cindy Sheehan was a big supporter of Ron Paul in 2007.

It wasn't to long ago

a Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul ticket was viewed by many as a last chance for liberty in this election cycle. It didn't happen. If Ron does run in 2016 my guess is it will be on the Libertarian ticket, possibly with GJ as a running mate. That's one reason GJ will be getting my vote this year. A 5% showing for GJ will open doors for Ron Paul in 2016 should he decide to run.

Stop trashing Gary....

That's a lame post, Gary is picking up those who support Prop 64


I don't recall saying Gary Johnson at all in my original post.

You are nuts.

Gary Johnson or a vote for the libertarian party would be a better choice...even Jill Stein would be better. Barr and Sheehan are looney toones. Guess you think voting is a joke.


Voting has always been a losing battle for me. Never have I voted for someone who won the presidency or it's primary. I very rarely vote for something that passes. With the exception of Amendment 64 I will probably lose all my ballot battles in this election.