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Americans Aged 18-29 Have a More Favorable View Towards Socialism Than Capitalism

A recent Pew poll showed that young people IN THE UNITED STATES view socialism more favorably than capitalism.

You can view the charts here by age category:


What do you think are some of the reasons for the "socialization of America's youth"?

Here are some of my guesses:

-constant bombardment of anti capitalistic messages from the Main Stream Media & public schools;

-growing up with government programs like social security, pell grants & unemployment insurance;

-growing up In a cashless/credit card (debt based) society where they don't see the value of things in tangible exchanges;

-child labor laws and regulations that prevent kids from working and running lemonade stands in their formative years and the futility of even trying to work your way through an expensive debt financed 4 year college program;

-growing up with out the threat or recent memory of the harm done to the world by the German Socialst party, the NAZIs and Communist Russia;

-a lack of understanding of history and economics;

-the financial crisis of 2008 ad the anti capitalist responses (Michael Moore's "capitalism a love story", occupy wall street
movement) and the massive government response;

-Federal Reserve quantitative easing, stimulus and bailouts that supposedly "saved us"; and

-president obamas frequent socialist remarks-"spread the wealth around", "free markets don't work,never have", "you didn't build that" "millionaires and billionaires need to pay their 'fair share'"

Your thoughts?

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This shows the importance of

This shows the importance of regaining control of the schools.

It means ONE thing..

We have a lot of work to do.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

two things

they do not have the critical thinking skills to see the whole picture, if you try to show them the whole picture they get upset because it doesnt fit into a talking point.

the second thing is that they have been taught that responsibility is a bad thing, capitism is all about taking responsibility, socilism is all about someone else making sure everything is fair.

I think generally young people

have always believed that everyone should get a minimum. The main thing is they perhaps don't think beyond how that minimum is achieved i.e. someone has to pay. It's naive altruism rather than a real belief in socialism.

You forgot...

the leftist republican party coercing them into thinking socialism-lite is... somehow... NOT... "socialism." And CRUSHING any attempts to ACTUALLY FIGHT SOCIALISM with third parties.

The leftist republican party will slither through the universities with their FAKE-TEA parties like Freedomworks and their "action packs" of socialist propaganda (disguised as anti-socialist). They will DISGUSTINGLY BRAINWASH our children into believing COMPULSORY, UNCONSTITUTIONAL SOCIALISM like Medicare, SS, Disability, etc, etc, are just "a part of American life" and not worth fighting to get rid of - thus MANIPULATING THEM INTO SUBMISSION and ACCEPTANCE of socialism (as long as it's republican).

Isn't Kid Rock in Ohio somewhere shilling with SOCIALIST Romney? I wonder how many OF OUR CHILDREN we will allow to be brainwashed into being obedient republican socialists at that little shindig?

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Of course the biggest anti-rand troll

hates freedomworks. And the GOP does not have the universities or schools in their pocket you fool. How can you even say that with a straight face?

Here's a good lecture on why

Here's a good lecture on why socialism cannot work given by Joseph T. Salerno at the Mises University for any who are interested and have the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alqUqdbfxhk

I'd also appreciate any other links on the pitfalls of socialism that anyone can provide me so that I can present them to a friend who is a self-proclaimed socialist.

Or they just asked the wrong

Or they just asked the wrong people. The problem as I see it for these "polls" is that they only ask they public type folk and not the more reclusive types that would more than likely see things more our way....

As a 19 year old, I see (and

As a 19 year old, I see (and a lot of older people I talk to back me up on this) a lot of entitlement from my generation. A lot of people, not everyone, feel like they deserve "stuff" from their parents or educators, whether its a new phone or a good grade. I don't think its a stretch to say this entitlement can be transferred towards the government, or to the "1%"

Separation of school and state

Is also a decent book by Sheldon Richman

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I wonder if their views change when their parents begin nudging them towards the door in their 30s and 40s telling them there's no free lunch?

1) Government school

1) Government school conditioning.
2) Capitalism being used where the correct term is Fascism (or corporatism, or crony capitalism)
3) Free stuff. (stuff paid for by other people under threat of violence)
4) The wealthy use government/politics so should everyone else.

That's pretty much it. In end we are back to Bastiat:

"Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

Min Wage+Poor Schooling=Pushed Out of Workforce+Dependency

It's almost entirely due to minimum wage laws in my opinion.
Minimum wage laws create a society where there are no bottom rungs on the economic ladder - if you are not skilled enough to be worth the minimum wage, then you simply cannot find a job without becoming more valuable, which most people are economically incapable or convinced of their low worth and never try.
This sort of system, where people can sometimes find it impossible to solve their own problems, creates a mentality of, "Something else must come along and fix it for me, because I can't."
This coupled with the fact that unemployment among the youth is staggering, especially if you add any one of the following terms: male, racial minority, unskilled, teen-aged. Combine all four terms, and you see that unemployment is over 40%.
Not only that, unemployment among the poorest class is at 60%. Only around 9% of the poorest class actually work a full-time job.
And you can't really blame them either - it's the failing public school system that either can't engage students, can't properly teach them, or simply doesn't try to.
Finally, the welfare state says to workers, "It's okay if you're paid a low amount, we'll make up the difference. In fact, it's okay if you don't work at all in some instances." And this very clearly outlines an example of government picking up the societal slack, and a desperate person will notice this and ask, "Why not me? I'm in need. You're supposed to help those in need."

Our system produces low-tier workers en masse and then instills in them a helplessness that forces them to rely on some higher power - namely the system itself. Pretty sad.

Cyril's picture

Minimum wage harmful indeed. To say the least.

And EVEN when minimum wage is being attempted to climb one's way up the ladder ...

... it is STILL a downright OBJECTIVELY, PROVABLY harmful scheme :


The minimum wage is such a long lasting lie, I'm almost speechless to notice that so few ever denounced its utterly disgusting and insulting fraud to society's intelligence :

that nobody, either, has ever come close to formally demonstrate ANY sort of positive outcome from introducing it in a large scale economy.


At best, socialism seduction was excusable up until the mid 1930s, 80+ years ago, maybe.

This is today, in 2012 : JUST REVOLTING to even have to continue debating about the socialism FRAUD with ITS GROSSLY IGNORANT PROPONENTS (when they're of good faith anyway; as for the others are the criminal sweat and blood suckers we're fighting, as we know).


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

The educational industrial complex

Funded by government is to blame
It perpetuates the myth
It encourages fraud economics. The internationalist Nobel then dresses up its proponents with prizes to lend further credibility

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You are correct -socialism is based on many fallacies

Like "we our it to ourselves" re debt and why it's not a problem
Another one is the broken window fallacy

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The primary reason is a misunderstanding of 'Capitalism'

There's a general belief that what we've been living in is capitalism. The distinction is not made between capitalism and corporatism, and socialism is often equated with liberal social policy. People never focus on the central tenet of socialism, which is the assumption that the government knows how to spend your money better than you do, and has the authority to dictate how you live your life. Individualism is sacrificed for the Greater Good.

It always amazes me that people seem to forget that Hitler was a socialist - his party was the National Socialist Party. Socialism pushes a single vision for all members of a society - it's the natural end point of democracy, which is why a republic is a far better model. Ben Franklin described democracy as two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. Soclialism is authoritarian. You tell socialists this and they get very uncomfortable.

Live Free


In 1933, Hitler sold socialism to the citizens. Don't forget, Hitler was voted in by the people by on overwhelming majority.

His Socialistic movement was called:

"The National Socialist German Worker's Party" commonly referred to as "Nazi". After a few years, all who was not a member of the NAZI party were rejected and persecuted. Those who objected were put in prison or killed depending on their level of activism.

Forget History and Forget Freedom!



No he wasn't. He was

No he wasn't. He was appointed Chancellor by then President Paul Hindenburg. He never won a majority in a free election.

You are correct

Hitler participated in one election and got about 30pct of vote
He was appointed chancellor by Hindenburg who died soon thereafter and then hitler seized total power

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Sign 'em up for Tom Woods Liberty classroom!

Maybe do a money bomb to purchase subscriptions for those 18-29 (or younger)

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In addition to the anti-capitalist mentality by Mises

Mises also wrote a criticism of socialism called "socialism"
Hayek wrote a good book called "the fatal conceit- the errors of socialism "
Another good book is "the libertarian manifesto" by Murray Rothbard

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After 12 years of

indoctrination and animal training in obedience and herd behavior people have been dehumanized and turned into cogs.
John Dewey has converted a primarily Christian population into state worshippers using state schooling.

Don't forget Horace Mann and

Don't forget Horace Mann and Edward Thorndike.

May they

roast in hell for their crimes against humanity, children yet.

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My diagnostic on those "Americans 18-29 favorable to socialism"

Here's my diagnostic on those "Americans aged 18-29 favorable to socialism" :

They are GROSSLY IGNORANT and thus have a BLATANT LACK OF CLUES about :

1. Life

2. History and what is UNSOUND money

3. The foundations of their own country

That, for the best case scenario. I let you guess for yourself about the worst case one.

Feel free to send any of them to me so I can provide them clues, if they're not so totally hopelessly DELUSIONAL OR DUMBED DOWN yet; either that or redirect them to any of the following, for a start...

Them darlings and sweeties can update themselves to get some of their facts straight :

Obama promised "Change"; there they have it :


Them darlings and sweeties can have A DELIGHTFUL TASTE TO MAKE GO ROUND IN THEIR MOUTH of what gov't involvement in business, on NON-FREE, CRONYIST markets looks like :


Mmmmm !!! Yummy yummy !!! TASTING GOOD, AIN'T IT ?!

Oh, and them darlings and sweeties can also have a look at good old France (you know, the country THAT NEVER LEARNS ... See, I CAN tell : because I come from there, mind you, my darlings and sweeties, AIN'T THAT COOL ?! You're welcome... now, please listen up and read on) :


Oh, and them darlings and sweeties can hopefully READ PLAIN SIMPLE ENGLISH :



Finally, THIS is the best definition of Liberty, the key to Peace and Prosperity, that one can find for them darlings and sweeties :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Blame the education system and "trendies"

You are 100% right on everything above, RealPaul.

Free market advocates are shut out of classrooms and the union socialists create and teach the curriculum. As an 18 year old, I have seen how effective their indoctrination is to those who werent raised in a conservative or libertarian household. Also, public universities are notoriously leftist, which is why so many of the young skulls of mush were sh--ing on cop cars and screaming that capitalism and those EVUL rich people are to blame for their problems (Occupy Wall Street).

Just like Europe, a young population raised up on socialist-corporatist ideals will lead to our demise. God help us.

And to those who say they would rather have socialism than the current system.....do you understand the consequences of what you are saying? At least we are still relatively free compared to most of the world. There is no mobility or choice in socialism, and I would take our current corporatist-lite system over socialism ANY DAY.

The problem is perception and

The problem is perception and a misunderstanding of capitalism. What we have now is NOT capitalism, but fascism and corporatism. I prefer socialism too to the current system. But I prefer a true free market to socialism. A true free market means no bailouts, subsidies, competing currencies, and an end to central banking. How can you expect them to oppose socialism when they don't understand that our crappy system is not capitalist?

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I bet the wont be once their

I bet the wont be once their debt sinks and and makes them slaves.

James Madison

George Bush

I put most of the blame on the "capitalist" standard-bearer from 2000-2008. I am at the top of the age range being discussed and went through my political awakening during the Bush administration. I knew that I hated Bush and would never vote for him in 2004 and by association lost respect for anyone who did. So many people my age were smart enough to see Bush as wrong as well, but not to realize that he was an imposter. They believe he was a capitalist. He was all too eager to play along, obviously, and the media was also all too eager to do the same. Anytime they can place the blame on capitalism, they will do it. I was in a truth-seeking time in my life and stumbled upon the Libetarian Party, Michael Badnarik and Ron Paul about a month before the election. Otherwise, I was a good brain-washed American and had no idea there were any other choices.

It is just too easy to like the opposition. The guys in power obviously suck, come join us! That is why NPR was my favorite station in 2006 as well. They sounded good when they were rightfully attacking Bush. Now that I understand economics a bit more, I can't stomach them for more than 5 minutes.

In my opinion Obama is the best thing that has ever happened to capitalism and the liberty movement(well, maybe RP) and Bush is the best thing that has ever happened for socialism. Funny how that works. That is why I would much rather have Obama reelected than have McCain or Romney in there(though I would never vote for either).