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Americans Aged 18-29 Have a More Favorable View Towards Socialism Than Capitalism

A recent Pew poll showed that young people IN THE UNITED STATES view socialism more favorably than capitalism.

You can view the charts here by age category:


What do you think are some of the reasons for the "socialization of America's youth"?

Here are some of my guesses:

-constant bombardment of anti capitalistic messages from the Main Stream Media & public schools;

-growing up with government programs like social security, pell grants & unemployment insurance;

-growing up In a cashless/credit card (debt based) society where they don't see the value of things in tangible exchanges;

-child labor laws and regulations that prevent kids from working and running lemonade stands in their formative years and the futility of even trying to work your way through an expensive debt financed 4 year college program;

-growing up with out the threat or recent memory of the harm done to the world by the German Socialst party, the NAZIs and Communist Russia;

-a lack of understanding of history and economics;

-the financial crisis of 2008 ad the anti capitalist responses (Michael Moore's "capitalism a love story", occupy wall street
movement) and the massive government response;

-Federal Reserve quantitative easing, stimulus and bailouts that supposedly "saved us"; and

-president obamas frequent socialist remarks-"spread the wealth around", "free markets don't work,never have", "you didn't build that" "millionaires and billionaires need to pay their 'fair share'"

Your thoughts?

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people confuse "equal

people confuse "equal opportunity" with "equal everything"

Shows that the long term plan is working well,

and that most of the people have no idea that socialism is communism
with make-up on. Most young people think that communism is the old USSR, or North Korea, dead, dying, without realising that the face of communism has morphed, and that it is still very relevant today.
They don't recognise the enemy, because they can't see it.

"They conflate"capitalism" with "corporatism."

Thanks to government "education" most young people think that our present system of fiat money, fractional-reserve banking, controlled and regulated markets and blatant political cronyism are what "capitalism" means. Given the choice between a system (as understood) in which rich people oppress the poor, and a system in which poor people can get some of their own back, naturally most people of good will choose the latter. Capitalism, despite Ayn Rand's best efforts, remains an unknown ideal.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

You say thanks to government

You say thanks to government education and I say thanks to their life experience. The truth is that corporatism = capitalism in any American's life, young or old. When was the last time we truly had capitalism in America? I'd say that was before anyone currently living was alive. That's a long time for a failed concept to continue to be idolized. The fact is that most civilizations were founded on principals that intended benevolence for their society, but until humankind learns to live by the Golden Rule and treats others the way they would like to be treated, there is no "ism" that will save us from ourselves; capitalism, libertarianism, communism, socialism or any other "ism".

"I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this any more!"
- Howard Beale

Government Education is part of their life experience.

To use violence to take from some and give to others clearly violates the Golden Rule. Of all the isms you listed at least capitalism (not corporatism) and libertarianism do not begin by violating the rights of others. In capitalism and libertarianism men and women of goodwill are maximally empowered to help one another.


I am shocked that on places like FB and Twitter I see former RP supporters shilling for OBAMA. What the heck is up with that?

Young people are being brainwashed by UNESCO in the schools, so it's not surprising they haven't been taught that communism KILLS.

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You're right

I am always shocked to see or hear how far left some of RPs supporters ideologies are. It literally blows me away. I think a lot of them come in for RP because hes against the drug war, and wars abroad in general and nothing else. They dont see or believe in personal financial freedom at all. They believe things should be "free" as in free healthcare, free college, free anything they happen to need at the moment, its the left thats fulfilling that for them and thats where their loyalties lay... This is why they go for Obama.


I dont even go on Facebook anymore. Most of my friends are from leftist Ohio, so just imagine all the vitriol and nonsense thats been in my newsfeed the last two months.

RP attracted alot of the Noam Chomsky types, In my opinion, because he sounded like Chomsky on Foreign Policy (America had it coming, etc.)

And you are right about a large percentage of college aged RP supporters being leftist democrats. Its just the nature of colleges now. Too few college libertarians and conservatives now. Most of RPs votes came from life-long Republicans/Conservatives/Libertarians, though. College kids dont get out to vote unless a Democratic Party bus shuttles them to the polls.

those are all good reasons

But I think one of the main reasons is that young people are idealistic and the socialists have been doing a better job of framing their world view in morally superior terms. Libertarians tend to be terrible in painting a positive picture. Rather, they focus on negatives. Also, many free market types spend too much time defending corporations without distinguishing between true free market firms and government-connected crony capitalists.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu


"Also, many free market types spend too much time defending corporations"

Thats because 80-90% of corporations dont get favors from the government.

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Even if I can pass on debating about the percentage range...

Even if I can pass on debating (or nitpicking) about the percentage range, I can't help but fear it will only DECREASE.

Check this out :


for a typical instance that I suspect can only occur more and more frequently. Rationale for a clue ?

Well, oh so uncontroversial... already, and sadly :



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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Agree libertarians sometime don't frame their arguments

cogently but more often their arguments are drowned out by a sea of MSM,movies and public education

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Adults send their children to

Adults send their children to government indoctrination camps. My parents sent me to compulsory school. I was fortunate in that I was able to recognize the charade about half way through 7th grade. At some point, I think that the blame moves away from political hacks and bureaucrats, and comes to rest on poor decisions made by adults towards their children. These children then raise their children in a similar manner. I am now a father, and I can tell you one thing, my daughter will never step foot in a compulsory school. Schools which emphasize and reward obedience and vilify property rights.

It's tough to pay for private school or home school

for a lot of people on top of already being taxed for government 'public' schooling. That's why we need to move towards market oriented programs for education. Even though charters and the like may not be perfectly free market it seems to me that it's moving away from total socialism and towards having more of a market in education which I like.

Sending a child to a

Sending a child to a compulsory school is an act of aggression. They can tax me all they want, I will not aggress against my child. I don't care if it is "tough." I'm sure it was tough for slave masters to go without slaves. It is immoral, illegitimate, and inconsistent with the non-aggression axiom.

I also believe there is a stark difference between school and education. The development of one's education, given today's age of information, can and does occur fairly cheaply (for example http://dvice.com/archives/2012/10/ethiopian-kids.php) School on the other hand is very expensive.

yes you are forced to pay to NOT to take their public education

then you have to pay on top of that to educate your child

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Because they don't know what capitalism is

They're never taught what it actually is, just the socialist anti-capitalist take on it. That it means a few people benefitting at the expense of everyone else. That's a pretty mainstream view, even our president believes it.

Also boys are emasculated at a young age and taught to supress their competitive and aggressive spirit which is the side of them that would lean pro-free market if it were nurtured. Instead they're taught that it's evil.

They are taught that just participating mean success

winning doesnt matter and indeed wanting to win is viewed as unseemly

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capitalism is counter-intuitive. You sit any fresh mind down and ask them what they would choose between two societies....one where everyone is equal...or one where some people are rich...and some may be poor. Not hard to see which one a fresh mind that has never studied these two governments in detail would pick.

That's our obstacle....the knowledge gap it takes to see that people are really better off in capitalist societies.

Another reason is most likely the last decade...as many MSM pundits attribute it to capitalism...while that couldn't be further from the truth. So once again...an education gap.

I agree this is poor way of thinking about wealth

I agree this is poor way of thinking in terms of wealth. I always invoke a fundamental question about distribution of wealth that leaves my friends stranded. How will I know if my Wealth gets distributed to those people who really need it? how will i know that the government wont profit from collecting my wealth? How will I know if my profits are not distributed to a selected few? It certainly doesn't show that the Government is going a very good job at helping the poor in the first place, but Government certainly does favor the Rich.

with this in mind it does seem Socialism is a big bail out for the rich doesn't it?

important practical questions we all should be asking as we educate our left neighbors.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

IF you donate to a private charity and they steal the money

or don't redistribute it in the way you like, you can bring an action for fraud in the first instance or you can stop giving in the second instance.
What can you do if the government takes your money and pisses it away?

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Correct if you frame it that way

but if framed this way
would you choose between a society where every one is equal and poor or one where there are poor and rich and everyone has an equal chance at being rich, you might get a different answer.
Unfortunately the question if more often framed the way you stated.

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i hear ya.

I don't...

I don't...

You dont?

don't what? have a favorable view of socialism?

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Doesn't surprise me

I got to a smaller university in Missouri and it's what they teach. All the Political Science professors are confessed liberal democrats that are anti-capitalism. Guess how they teach things? All but one of the Economic professors are Keynesian Krugman loving democrats who teach that capitalism can work only with heavy government intervention, oversight, and regulations. I argue with Professors and their pet students almost every class period or the other students would never hear the other side of the story. It's indoctrination and misinformation plain and simple.

Yes, they teach that war and natural disasters are good for the

economy as its yet another excuse for government spending
They don't understand or refuse to acknowledge the Broken Window fallacy

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I disagree

becuase young people dont know what real capitalism looks like. I am fit into this age category and I can tell you I have major success with talking to my Liberal friends simply by asking them this fundamental question: Why more taxes when they can just PRINT more money? If teachers are not getting paid enough why not just print more money? If union workers are not getting paid why cant we print more to give to them?

When ever I ask this I find them stumped on answering and start looking at the big picture for what it really is.

Truth is we have A LOT of educating to do, and you will not persuade them with having them conjure an image of what Capitalism will look like. but rather have them look at the root of the problem and determine what the solutions are (Audit the Fed, Legalize Currencies, and a Equal Opportunity for all)

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I think I covered your objection

with this entry
-a lack of understanding of history and economics;

however, you point it out more precisely-they don't know what real capitalism looks like

And by that I suppose you mean that haven't seen it operate in real life on the grand scale.

I would add they don't grow up participating in it either:
-child labor laws and regulations that prevent kids from working and running lemonade stands in their formative years and the futility of even trying to work your way through an expensive debt financed 4 year college program;

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yes you did

I would also like to add something I always carry with me as a visualization toward education.

I carry with me a $5 United States Note from 1964 and show them the comparison with a FRN. point out the Red ink and the missing FRN on the bill.

Its absolutely fantastic because it shows the manipulation of money from TPTB and why The United States is really going bankrupt by a group of Bankers who debase our money to the point of no return.

a government for THE PEOPLE, by THE PEOPLE. not for the Bankers by the Banks.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?