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Americans Aged 18-29 Have a More Favorable View Towards Socialism Than Capitalism

A recent Pew poll showed that young people IN THE UNITED STATES view socialism more favorably than capitalism.

You can view the charts here by age category:


What do you think are some of the reasons for the "socialization of America's youth"?

Here are some of my guesses:

-constant bombardment of anti capitalistic messages from the Main Stream Media & public schools;

-growing up with government programs like social security, pell grants & unemployment insurance;

-growing up In a cashless/credit card (debt based) society where they don't see the value of things in tangible exchanges;

-child labor laws and regulations that prevent kids from working and running lemonade stands in their formative years and the futility of even trying to work your way through an expensive debt financed 4 year college program;

-growing up with out the threat or recent memory of the harm done to the world by the German Socialst party, the NAZIs and Communist Russia;

-a lack of understanding of history and economics;

-the financial crisis of 2008 ad the anti capitalist responses (Michael Moore's "capitalism a love story", occupy wall street
movement) and the massive government response;

-Federal Reserve quantitative easing, stimulus and bailouts that supposedly "saved us"; and

-president obamas frequent socialist remarks-"spread the wealth around", "free markets don't work,never have", "you didn't build that" "millionaires and billionaires need to pay their 'fair share'"

Your thoughts?

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you can also carry around for visualization

US silver certificates and zimbabwe trillion dollar notes

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The problem when you bring up Silver and Gold is Liberals get the impression that it should be dictated that ONLY Precious Metals are to be used as money. Now I understand the reasoning behind using hard money as a currency, but to enlighten the people on Capitalism - in a competing market with currencies Bitcoins, Barter and even FRN can all be used as mediums of exchange under the Freedom of Capitalism. eventually the Fed will implode and other currencies will help the people bridge out from its destruction.

the Zimbabwe notes is a great Idea tho. I will get some and bring them to my next meeting.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Lots of ways to try to accomplish this task

I have for several years done a similar thing by using only half dollar and dollar coins (and smaller of course) instead of dollar bills. The problem is that usually there is only a few seconds to make an impression, and I find this works best personally. When I briefly mention that I go to extra effort to get halves so that I can show how, back when there was real money, the half was 2 times as big as a quarter, and 5 times as big as a dime. Then, I mention that at today's prices, this coin if silver instead of copper and nickel would be about $ 11, or roughly whatever it happens to be at the time, but that it is only the money that is worth less, as it still buys about the same amount in terms of loaves of bread or gallons of milk as it did 50 years ago. Only sometimes will you get much further on a first conversation with somebody. But, it is impressive how many more people understand this right away than did just about 5 or 6 years ago when I started this.

correct and a gold standard is not the only way to have sound $$

indeed Ron Paul, influenced by Frederick Hayek believes in competing currencies. Let the market decide what is best to use as money.
Its just more often than not, the market selects gold and silver.

The denationalization of money

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For an Excellent Summary of the Anti-Capitalist Mentality

The Anti-Capitalist Mentality by Ludvig Von Mises
You can buy it through the Daily Paul link and help support the SP

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My thoughts?

Socialism will never work. Humans are corrupt people. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Let me opt out of SS/Medicare and don't steel my money and they can have any system they'd like. I am also in that age group. BTW socialism is failing in this country right now.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

the larger the government the more

corruptible it is

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But the current socialst failure is being touted

as necessary to correct the capitalist failure and we need more socialism to fix capitalism
George Bush made that dumb remark I went against free market principles to save capitalism

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I agree.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

Even Conservatives talk about saving "social security"

"medicare" and eventually they will talk about saving "obamacare"

There is an air of inevitability behind the socialist agenda

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In Canada, conservatives are

In Canada, conservatives are already doing that. In the UK, they've gone so far as to talk about saving socialized healthcare.

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I live for the day when leftists and communists cry

We need to eliminate burdensome regulations so we can preserve regulation and we need to slash taxes so we can preserve the concept of taxation!

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Capitalism has guilt by

Capitalism has guilt by association with socialist policies:

- People like Bush and McCain being associated with capitalism, which makes young people think propping up dictators and blowing up and permanently occupying any country remotely hostile is somehow part of capitalism

- The confusion between capitalism and corporatism - the association of corporate welfare and it's advocates with capitalism

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Indeed the "failures of capitalism" are actually

The result of corportism and failures of excessive government regulation, taxation, bailouts and an economy that has a massive public sector

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of course

This is all they are taught at university and on television

Ie. Look at all tv shows ..they all portray people from the public sector. Police, teacher, military, fire dept., politician, bureaucrats, prosecutors, all people with huge pensions and salaries on the backs of taxpayers...the parasite classes in other words.

Ie. What do Generals make? Don't they have their own jets? Or look how many military golf courses there are?


And in universities they all take Kenyesian economics

That teaches government spending is essential as there is an inherent flaw in free markets that government spe ding can fix (including coming up with the money to pay the university professors' salaries)
Professors know not to bite the hand that feeds them

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As well, look at how the desks are arranged and the other stupid courses offered and the double speak of the profs.

Lastly, look at the awful architecture and design of the new public buildings along with its wasteful spending.

Does a school really need inground sprinklers and many angles?

It should be square to save money and have windows that open to save on AC.

The public administrators administering funds and inspectors and engineers should immediately have their salaries cut in half because of poor job they are doing.


Should those jobs even exist?

are those functions necessary and if so could the private sector provide

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And they teach fairness in result not

Fairness in opportunity to demonize winners and to compensate losers

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100 years of incessant progressive action

Starting in earnest in 1913 with
The creation of the federal reserve and the income tax,non defensive wars to make the world "safe for democracy, the new deal of the 1930' s including public work projects, social security, the "great society" of the 60's including increased welfare and Medicare, continuation in the 70's with the institution of wage and price controls, and the more recent no child left behind, community reinvestment act, Medicare part D, Obamacare and countless others I have missed

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The increase in the percentage of urban residents

Vs rural where government services are in shorter supply

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We can thank public schools

We can thank public schools for that. They are getting it drilled into them five days a week.

Blessings )o(

Public schools are a form of social welfare

The teachers exist as a result of the state funding so they naturally support government spending and taxes to support it

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The increase in the number of government workers

Shows young people that the government is a source of working income with better benefits than the private sector

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Ditto for the increase in work done for the government

In the form of government contracts, research grants etc

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Or perhaps Ron Paul

Didn't visit their college campus

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Unfortunately I've seen more kids wearing

Che Tshirts than Ron Paul tshirts

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Or it's just a phase

They are going through?

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Having never worked, taken out massive student loan debt

Seeing their parents booted from their homes in foreclosure or still living in their parents' basement they view all this as a "failure of capitalism"

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