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Single Purpose Peace / Declaration Party to be dissolved with success?

Just brainstoming.

The purpose of this temporary party would be to pass a single legislation requiring the President bring all troops home from undeclared wars, that Congress end all funding of undeclared wars, and make it an impeachable crime for the President to send U.S. troops to conflict without a declaration of war from Congress except to repel attack within U.S. borders and requires an impeachment review for any such exception until proven valid.

All sitting politicians would be given limited opportunity to sign an oath to vote for this legislation, regardless of their party or other votes.

All those politicians who will note sign it will face at least one opposition candidate at their next election cycle who's sole purpose for election is to enter Congress and by oath abstain from other votes, impede other business, and pass this legislation, then resign.

Once successful this temporary party would dissolve.

What do you all think?

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a single-purpose political party

to reduce war...

disregards any other legislation. no need to lean toward any one political party or another.