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PPSimmons compares Romney to Thomas Jefferson...spews hate and contempt in the name of Christianity

The state is force. Could anyone tell me where in the Bible Christ or his followers used the state to imprison or kill those who apposed their message of love and forgiveness? The God of my understanding loves even the abortion doctor, the drug addict, the murderer, the homosexual, the idolator, and the wicked. He tells me not to judge, that he alone will judge. He commands me to love and be tolerant, to go out and spread the truth. Let anyone who is without sin cast the first stone. How many Christians are casting stones via the state?

I was saddened by a recent response I received to my comment on a PPSimmons video on youtube. They were comparing Romney to Thomas Jefferson. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMBDMuGbXhI

I commented:

"Sure, if you believe the words that come out of Romney's mouth you may very well come to such conclusions. The problem is there is no rational reason to believe a single word that Romney speaks. He's been on both sides of every critical issue. The more important and timely comparison would similarly come to the conclusion that Romney and Obama are very similar men. Where is that video PP?"

They replied...
"Obama is being held accoutable by his base - mentally unstable, liberal baby-killing Sodomites! Romney will likewise be held accountable by HIS base - conservative well-rounded pro-life pro-biblical marriage types. Just as Ron Paul's base would hold HIM accountable... the retact all American troops, anti - American exceptionalism, Preterist, throw Israel under the bus types. IT'S A NO-BRAINER!"

I have to agree with them. The aren't using their brains.

Alan Keyes made a most important observation regarding the conservatives belief that the least of two evils can be held to the fire once elected.

He said:
"I know that Romney's bad. But first we get Obama out. Then we'll hold Romney's feet to the fire." That's one of the most common things I hear from self-blinkered GOP partisans hacking for the artificially-engineered Romney nomination. They angrily pretend that rank and file conservatives have no choice but to obey the "eyes wide shut" command emanating from the GOP's elitist faction party bosses."

"Thanks to this strategy for governing, the duped conservatives can't hold his feet to the fire because he has no need to bed down in their camp once elected. He can set to work building a coalition that combines the left-wing tail of his own party with the left-wing body of the opposing party so as to pave the way to re-election, with or without the conservative dupes who obligingly handed him the opportunity to make them obsolete."

The society the Christian base should be embracing is one of non aggression. In what type of society is the Christian most able to carry out the Great Commission? Certainly the answer would be one in which the individual is free. Of course for anyone to be free, there can not be an overwhelming desire by some to rule over and subject others by force to their own morality. When the state is used to legislate morality, eventually that force is used against you. We all ought to acknowledge the fact that others will do and believe and practice things that we disagree with, but realize the world would be a much better place if, love and persuasion was the tool of choice for dealing with conflict rather the force.

The hatred and animosity emanating from the PPSimmons staff makes me wonder how many other Christians have a similar disdain for others. It saddens me to see think that so many seem so off base.

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