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37 Facts About How Cruel This Economy Has Been To Millions Of Desperate American Families

By Michael, on The Economic Collapse Blog

"Have you ever laid in bed awake at night with a knot in your stomach because you didn't know how your family was possibly going to make it through the next month financially ? Have you ever felt the desperation of not being able to provide the basic necessities for your family even though you tried as hard as you could ?


Over the past decade, things have steadily gotten worse for American families no matter what our politicians have tried. Poverty and government dependence continue to rise. The cost of living continues to go up and incomes continue to go down. It is truly frightening to think about what this country is going to look like if current trends continue.

The following are 37 facts that show how cruel this economy has been to millions of desperate American families...


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In the twilight's last gleaming, 37 Surmises fade into darkness.

[Note to Editor: 37 Surmises about how make-believe the economy has been, since 1913. Let us reflect back a century or so. Do a side-by-side comparison if feel so inclined.

1. We awoke December 24th discovered that the money trust stole Christmas.

2. By 1934, our gold was gone. In 1982, our copper penny smelted into zinc.

3. In the United States in 1913, poor folk did not darken the door of a bank. On no count. Twarn'd necessary.

4. Beggars lived down by the river. On a raft perhaps. In a shed. And they begged for work. Then they worked.

5. The number of Americans living in poverty was not counted. That was a banker fixation. They count debts. And find folks to pay them.

6. Household farms filled our plates.

7. Most knew there was poor & poorer. Everybody worked or else.

8. We knew class living from leafing through the Sears ® catalog.

9. In the United States, a weeks pay best be at least silver or else.

10. In the United States, working folks were called workers. If not working, they were called other words.

11. The United States out produced all other nations. And it was good.

12. Recession was your neighbor losing his job. Depression was losing your own.

13. The federal government dare not tell us folks paying taxes how poor we were. No such thing as poverty level.

14. The United States actually had 100% workers. May as well count children. We were the major industrial nation.

15. Any job was a "good job." Any dispute about the facts of the matter, you were sent walking.

16. Home? First personal business before your marriage & family, best gather friends and kin. Build a house.

17. Oh yea. Better be good water.

18. Electricity? You jest!

19. In bad health, you called Doc. He might make you feel better.

20. Health insurance? You jest!

21. Drop health? Don't recommend it.

22. Debt? For most folk, it was a debt of gratitude. In business there were debts. There might be a tab running at local stores. Most folk did not deal with banks.

23. Home mortgage? Kin & friends helped you build your home. In turn, you helped them in kind.

24. Total consumer debt was called a tab at the local store. Nobody concerned themselves w/ debts of others.

25. Students paid what the could. Kin pitched in.

26. Folks mostly paid there debts. When the could not, they prayed for the Jubilee to save them.

27. Nearly everyone lived w/ or near their parents.

28. Retirement? It that a tuckered out transitory verb?

29. The U.S. Treasury had stock piles of gold & silver. The economy made money. Gambling lost money.

30. Throughout the 1800s, the number of jobs created in the United States was equal to the number of surviving emigrants. Each year, our census added about 37% to our United States population (see President Lincoln speech of 1862 or 1863 where he enumerated them. God bless the souls of those that could not find enough work to save them from the undertaker.

31. I don't know about each family & their net worth in Dollars. It was a private affair. Their business. Not mine. Not government role.

32. Nealy all children in the United States lived at home. Be serious.

33. In the United States most considered ourselves "poor fools" or "near fools." Warn't fools the majority in most any town?

34. Food Stamps? See insurance.

35. Food Stamps again? See insurance again.

36. Welfare? See Constitution, General Welfare clause. That is all there is to it.

Social Security or Medicare? See what pretends to be insurance, but isn't.

37. U.S. Census Bureau, the only distinct class of criminal is Congress. That class received financial assistance from the federal government. It was never clear to my why.

Un-enumerated surmise: What makes all of this even more frightening is that many homeless shelters and food banks around the nation are so overloaded at this point that they are already over capacity. --- This statement I will leave for others to admire. I improve it. It seems that it is by its own admission, a truthful remark. Let it alone stand the test of time.

Best wishes to you all! Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bug bite!

Yours truly,

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

"Over the past decade, things

"Over the past decade, things have steadily gotten worse for American families no matter what our politicians have tried."

lol..this statement is just comical on all sides...1) government (politicians) does not make things better for anyone.. 2) it is because of the government (politicians) that things have gotten worse for America..and it is their duty to totally collapse this economy and they are doing a fine damn job.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

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Besides, never borrowing what you can't pay back makes for a great night's sleep.