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Obama seems to have early voter lead in key states

[Here comes the media spin for an Obama victory, right on schedule,}

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama heads toward Election Day with an apparent lead over Republican Mitt Romney among early voters in key states that could decide the election.

Obama's advantage, however, isn't as big as the one he had over John McCain four years ago, giving Romney's campaign hope that the former Massachusetts governor can erase the gap when people vote on Tuesday.

About 25 million people already have voted in 34 states and the District of Columbia. No votes will be counted until Election Day but several battleground states are releasing the party affiliation of people who have voted early.

So far, Democratic voters outnumber Republicans in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio — five states that could decide the election, if they voted the same way. Republicans have the edge in Colorado, which Obama won in 2008.

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Over the next few days,

Over the next few days, members of the DP should concentrate on polling data. Some members including myself want as accurate numbers as possible for candidates running at the federal level. Why? Because without a decent candidate, I want to ensure Washington, DC is as split between the main parties as possible. For example, if Romney appears to be leading for the POTUS, I just might vote for Jon Tester (egaaaaaaaaaaads) since I absolutely abhor Rehberg and want to see the latter creature permanently retired. I'll work on Tester's reassignment later. If Obama is likely to be reelected, I'll simply abstain from voting for either senatorial candidates from the major parties in Montana. Instead, I'll likely vote 3rd party for the US Senate.