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Is Gary Johnson a Zionist Asset?

It seems unfathomable that the people who supported Ron Paul would blindly vote for anyone, that is at least without investigating all issues. After all, most Ron Paul supporters carefully vetted all that Dr. Paul did and said when making their choices to support him.

Are these same Ron Paulers now doing the same with Gary Johnson? Are they truly vetting him, or are they, in fact, voting blindly?

In fact, no such vetting has occurred in the least. Incredibly, votes cast for Gary Johnson appear nothing less than acts of desperation.

A careful review of Mr. Johnson reveals that this man has little in common with Ron Paul. The benchmark of Dr. Paul’s platform has been his foreign policy, which is based upon the Golden Rule as well as the creation of friends in enterprise, not enemies.

Johnson has been positioned as a Paul-like candidate, in this regard an “anti-war” candidate. This is a fabrication. According to the DailyCaller rather than a true resister against internecine wars and wanton interventionism Johnson is a hawk. He told the news journal that he supports the efforts to hunt down and assassinate African resistance leader Joseph Kony, saying, “I…would have signed the legislation…to immediately ask for a volunteer force and gone in and wipe ‘em out.” No surprise for a man who, as brought out by many DP'ers, "will not close Gitmo."

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/09/thedcs-jamie-weinstein-gar.... Regarding bases in Afghanistan Johnson in no way suggests eliminating them, indicating instead that he would retain them, unlike Dr. Paul, who says they must be shuttered, while the troops are brought home “immediately.”

Regarding the Israel-friendly drone strikes against various innocents in the Middle East, in direct opposition to Dr. Paul, incredibly, Johnson endorses them or at least refuses to reject them. He would not, he made clear, necessarily stop such murderous attacks, saying in the standard war hawk language that he would “leave all options on the table,” meaning that he would consider murdering further innocents. Obviously, unlike Dr. Paul the Golden Rule will not play a role in a Johnson presidency.

Yet, in his interview he made it clear that it is acceptable that innocents are murdered by the drones when retorting, “But there’s an unintended consequence when it comes to drone attacks in Yemen.” He continued, “Yeah, you take out the al-Qaida stronghold, but you also wipe out the other half of the block. That makes Yemenis against the United States for the rest of their lives and all their descendants.” These comments are callous to say the least.

Clearly, Johnson is promoting the false model of Islamic terror, endorsing the use of the U.S. military to kill foreign nationals on the basis of that “dangerous enemy, al-Qaeda.”

Jamie Weinstein, during her interview with Johnson, quotes him as saying, “So now you have the U.S. bases that exist in those areas, do we shut down those military bases? Perhaps not,” he suggested, taking an odd position for a supposed anti-war candidate.

He also made clear in the DailyCaller, as well as the Weekly Standard, that a U.S. military presence in the Middle East should be maintained. Both these journals are Zionist mouthpieces.

Both Johnson and his former long-term campaign manager, Douglas Turner, have been featured within the notorious realm, Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). See this relatively flowery review on the CFR’s Website, here (thanks to DP’er Karenbos): http://blogs.cfr.org/lindsay/2011/04/21/campaign-2012-hello-...

It was in this CFR-quoted interview where he said about Barack Obama, “You can’t help but like him.” Like him for what, destroying our freedoms and murdering American citizens? Yet, why not be nice to fellows in crime, since Obama is a monumental CFR cohort, his entire presidency being coordinated and achieved by none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, a key co-founder of the organization. Turner himself is a long-term member of this arch-enemy of humankind. Keep in mind that it was the CFR that orchestrated the Patriot Act, the PNAC document calling for continuous wars, and even 911 itself.

Ron Paulers and many others have been thus set up by the Zionist cabal, wooed into the hope of a possible option to the two-party duopoly. Yet, it is no option at all but yet another act of deception.

According to the CFR itself Mr. Turner has been the general consultant and is the former State Director and Campaign Manager for New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson’s 1994 and 1998 election:


Furthermore, he IS an AIPAC cohort, since according to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation Turner is the “southwest board member of the American Israel Public Relations Committee…” There is no way such a person could be placed in this prominent position without AIPAC support or at least acquiesence. Thus, in fact, as governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson was a Zionist asset.

It is, thus, the CFR, as well as AIPAC, which has propped up Gary Johnson as a Ron Paul alternative. This is in order to undermine the power of the revolution. It is to create a faux alternative, in case the liberty movement continues to grow in beyond unprecedented bounds. Thus, once again, the CFR and its Zionist cohorts will retain full control, propping up Johnson or similar pre-fabricated ‘liberty’ candidates as the options for people, so they can, once again, retain terminal control.

Moreover, consider a simple fact: while Ron Paul was/is viciously attacked, slandered and abused—where are the attacks against Johnson? They are non-existent. Nor was he attacked in any conceivable way as governor, while, typically, governors who do step out of the box are attacked.

The solution: vet and vet some more. That’s what people did with Ron Paul. So, do vet Gary Johnson thoroughly to see if he truly is a liberty-minded candidate who is worthy of the support of the most powerful liberty movement in history.

The Ron Paul movement is a threat. The "powers that be" realize the enormity of its growth. That is why Johnson has been propped up as a kind of rock star, which is clearly debunked by any careful assessment of his verbiage and actions, as well as associations. Thus, with such clear and glaring connections to the Zionistic infrastructure, and with his obvious and continuous verbalizations, on what basis would any enlightened freedom lover vote for him?

Thus, the man has nothing to do with Ron Paul and is not worthy of even a single Ron Paul supporter vote. It's astonishing that anyone would wildly cast such a vote without a critical investigation.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/04/09/thedcs-jamie-weinstein-gar...

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Doug Turner is AIPAC, too?

I was aware of him being CFR, but didn't know about him being AIPAC as well. Thanks for the info.

"Zionist asset" is more than a bit overboard...

but GJ definitely isn't who he says he is.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Romney is that you. Sorry

Romney is that you. Sorry this article feels as phoney as all those crap tv adds I have to watch on tv nightly since I live in the so called battle ground state of Ohio. This feels like nothing more than a paid attack piece to try and divide a group. It brings up the guy from the cfr who was long gone from Johnson's campaign before he did all those things listed in this article. I say vote for whoever you want and how you feel but have no doubt that team Romney will do anything to try and prevent the rise of a third party. They do not in any way want to see Johnson draw even 5% of the vote as they know it would give legitamacy to 3rd parties in the future. As long as they can make it seem like it is just a few fringe candidates the GOP and DEMS can dominate us like they have been.

No, no, no

He's a Vatican Assassin, they just want you to believe he's a Zionist asset.

BMWJIM's picture

Doc, It is strange I read your post this afternoon. I

just decided today that I will vote for everything on the ballot this Tuesday EXCEPT for President, for not a single person running has read the CONSTITUTION nor understands what "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE" means. I will be voting for anyone but a politician. If the person running has been a politician in the past, I will NOT vote for them. I have researched many and LOUISIANA is really screwed for there are no LIBERTY candidates. I know these ASSH*l$s talk it but they are ALL NEO_CONS.

Guess I will be pulling the lever less than anyone voting here in LA. That is okay for I made a pledge to NEVER vote for the lesser of two,three, four or one hundred thousand evils.

Guess I will just grow my business, garden, family and protection.

Semper Fi my Friend, You have done a good job. Take a break and enjoy the time we have left.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

RON PAUL or bust

The only statesman we've had in modern times. Can anyone imagine the power of the flood of RP write-ins, even just in the "allowed" states: the message that would send?

So, it truly does us no good to have all that energy diverted and diffused, especially by the ulterior plots of the Trilateral Commission? And who was the first to warn people about the CFR other than Dr. Ron Paul?


Since you love to do research so much, "Dr. K," I suggest you research how you will be perceived when you throw around loaded terms like "zionist" and start ranting about the CFR.

You may wish to refute anything that is published, here

If you can do so, then, your counter-researched will seriously be considered. Can you refute it, or are you merely trying to disuade anyone from considering it?

I don't think I

will be voting at all, for both state & federal elections. Not because I don't think GJ is worthy of my vote, but because I do not give consent to these clowns. Every political ad I have seen on the boobtube and received in the mail were "Vote for me because the other guy(gal) is so much worse." There is no one to vote for, only people to vote against.

With that low approval rating, all these congressional candidates are doing is boxing voters in to vote against their opponent by voting for them, not because they deserve their vote, but because the other candidate is just so wretched.

The GOP is now home of the progressives, the DNC is home of the socialists, and the freemarket-fiscal conservatives are few and far between.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

I cast my vote for this

I cast my vote for this thread.. DOWN!!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

egapele's picture

Me too

Disclaimer: I won't be voting for Gary Johnson OR Mitt Romney OR Barack Obama.