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Wolf Just Made a Positive Remark About Ron Paul.

He was talking about the candidates and the upcoming primaries. He said, Ron Paul is looking for a win anywhere, then he said something to the effect that Ron Paul has a win when it comes to raising money, because he's raised a lot of it.

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Wolf Blitzer has my respect..

.....amongst the MSM anchors he is the only one who has given Ron Paul more than a few compliments.
Thanks again Wolf.
Go Ron Paul

I used to think Wolf was just a beard...

but he is actually one of the most objective journalists in the Old Media.

Wolf Blitzer for Vice President :-)

You have to admit, he would bring some more star power to the ticket.#

By the way, I wonder if someone like Bruce Willis or another major actor will do more for the campaign

wolf is a good guy

he's gone to bat for us several times.

I caught it too!

I caught it too!