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Attention Californians: David vs. Monsanto Documentary

Watch it now:



Californians can view this documentary and learn about GMOs and the intimidation Monsanto is wielding over farmers before voting (YES hopefully) on Prop 37.Dr. Joseph Mercola is being attacked and smeared in negative ad mailers, but he posted the documentary link so people can view it for free before that privilege expires on November 10, 2012.

Percy Schmeiser, a feisty and savvy farmer, battled with Monsanto. In the process he has brought to light not only Monsanto’s attempt to control the food supply, but the pitfalls of any company being allowed to have the right to put a patent on higher life forms including birds, fish and human beings.

29:40 minutes in, Percy explains the damage seen from GMOs. He says GMOs are not based on proven science. “We do not want any more GMOs.”… “The corporations want total control of the seed supply which will then give them total control of the food supply. That’s what GMOs are all about; not more food to feed a hungry world but control of the seed supply.”

The second half of the documentary addresses the quality, technology and science associated with GMOs.


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That Guy's Got a Pair!

He doesn't walk to the left or the right,

But RIGHT down the MIDDLE of the Street.

Just like Matt Dillion!!!

You wish you could hang with him!!!


Link to peer-reviewed scientific study on Monsanto GMO corn


This is the study that recently came out of France about the toxicity of Monsanto GMO corn.

Be sure to check out the photos on page 6 of the study....

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

How No on 37 misinforms the public

Monsanto Funded Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign Gets Away with Impersonating Govt. Agencies.

Some argue that an informed public will make a difference, ie in the free market both producers and consumers benefit from access to accurate information about what they are buying or selling. The problem is the public is purposefully being misinformed. With respect to GMOs, the system has been rigged via the courts ala the patent laws (Monsanto owns the GMO crops regardless of whose property inherits the drifting seeds; thus infringing on private property) and bought politicians pass legislation favorable to multinational corps. Most farmers do not have the financial wherewithal to fight Monsanto and their livelihood depends on playing ball with Monsanto. Grassroots organizations don’t have nearly the funding needed to fight the propaganda disseminated by a big multinational corporation like Monsanto. Case in point: it appears the No on 37 Committee funded by Monsanto et al have feloniously misled the public. Will they be brought to justice for committing a felony? It is hardly likely because the system is rigged in their favor.

Does this deception surprise anyone considering Monsanto’s long history of misrepresentation regarding their GMO claims?

While I go along with the Libertarian stance in general, I agree with Mike Adams who argues for mandatory GMO labeling - even if you believe in limited government. This latest deliberate deception by the No on 37 campaign has just reinforced that position.

“Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”


In your post :

"(Monsanto owns the GMO crops regardless of whose property inherits the
drifting seeds; thus infringing on private property)"

Most people seem to not be able to get this idea and they live in a fantasy world where they will be able to make some choices. Without ability to sue these bastards for what is basically a direct violation of private property there will be no free-market choices left as this thing spreads on its own, and will slowly push other producers out, to the point that there will be none left. And not due to their acceptance by market or because they have better product. It will be due to the fact that their patent is a self-propagating living thing that infects other manufacturer's property whether they like it or not. Then they can either fall in line or be sued for patent infringement.

As for the labels - mandatory labels are not needed per se, all that's needed is a straightforward way to sue them for fraud (either manufacturer, seller, or both, doesn't matter) if they try to pass this thing as "regular food". They'd start labeling them themselves very quickly after a few lawsuits.

You can't have free market in which there are no legal protections against fraud and in which corporations can violate private property without consequences.

Monsanto rider to grant immunity

What the anti-labeling people fail to consider is how corrupt the judicial and legislative systems are. We don’t have much time. I don’t know the current status of this “Monsanto rider,” but it doesn’t bode well at all for farmers and consumers, let alone the quality of our food supply. I don’t know the current status of this rider, but I suspect it may be tabled until after the election.

FOCUS: Is Monsanto About to Gain Immunity From Federal Law?

“If we allow this “Monsanto Rider” to be slipped into the FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill, consumers and farmers will lose what little control we have now over what we plant and what we eat.”

Center for Food Safety:
“Ceding broad and unprecedented powers to industry, the rider poses a direct threat to the authority of U.S. courts, jettisons the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) established oversight powers on key agriculture issues and puts the nation’s farmers and food supply at risk”.

Not only the "informed public" argument but now the "let the courts decide" are being subverted to Monsanto's advantage.


sometimes i wish DPers read a bit more reason.com: http://reason.com/archives/2012/08/14/california-initiative-...

and watched a bit more bullsh*t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIvNopv9Pa8

This Is Bull

Reason always pisses me off and so do all those stupid videos that show all the starving people. That is a crock too. Those are propaganda videos put out to make companies like Monsanto look like saviors. Follow the money if you want the truth. Companies like Monsanto actually CAUSE the starvation worldwide.


qualified sigh.

i should qualify that its only the GMO legislation i have a major beef with. monsantos use of patent law is deplorable. most use of patent law is deplorable.

but the answer is to attack patent law. monsanto is propped up by government enforced patent law. so weaken it. dont answer the problem of too much government with more government. 37 is just another sector of agribusiness looking to suck on the teet monsanto has sucked on.

Patent laws

Monsanto's usage of patent laws is degrees of magnitude more deplorable then the rest of "deplorable" uses. When microsoft sues google for some patent law , or apple sues samsung, or whatever, that's annoying and stupid. But iPhone doesn't spread to samsung or android, so you have choice.

Monsanto attacks on two fronts and it really is ingenious:

1. Their patent spreads, whether you want it or not. So free market is already taken out of equation. And when their patent touches your non-GMO garden your garden becomes their garden. And should they decide they can sue you for having their patent. It also spreads through nature, making what used to be a natural plant growing in the wild, a monstanto-patended and owned plant.

2. They are after food. If you don't like cable TV you can tune yourself out (I did). However, you can't choose not to eat. And this combined with 1. will ensure that they only choice you can make is Monsanto.

Without ability to sue them for infecting your property and sue them for labeling this product as food they will take over the food supply. Canola first, other seeds after, and I'm sure animals as well in not-so-distant future - this is just a testing ground. You'll see how much of free market choice you have, when every new plant that grows has a patented gene in it.

That's how US agriculture works

Marketplace parameters for food are determined by Congress. The Biotech companies have exploited this for decades. Battles over food are government and regulatory battles.

Does anyone have a link

with a list of all Monsanto infested products.

Our money is our vote. No more of money will go to them if I can help it.

I think

that you can safely assume that anything containing canola is already infected. Due to the fact that this contagion spreads by wind , combined with perversion of law that allows Monstanto to sue you for them infecting your property, instead of the other way around, this thing now occupies 96% of acreage in the US. These genes are now also found in wild canola plants (as they cross polinated) , so they belong to Monstanto as well. Think about it for a second - Monstanto now technically owns those wild canola plants as well. And if they spread on your property you will be violating their license rights, and should they feel like it they can take you to court for it. To think that you have "free market" choice here by not buying is to fool yourself. You can avoid buying canola products, and sure , in the interim you'll be fine. But they'll come up with other seeds - wheat, oats , and so forth. Without significant changes in the legal system (lawsuits against GMOs for infecting crops and fraudulent advertising) they will have the absolute monopoly over food in a matter of few decades.

corn and soy are the top 2

and sugar (which comes from sugar beets) again you have no way of knowing if it's pure cane sugar or sugar from GMO beets

see www.responsibletechnology.org for more info

The Only Thing I Disagree With You On

Is saying they will have a monopoly in a few decades. More like a few years if you ask me.


that's the problem, noone knows?

There is a non-GMO label www.nongmoproject.org so buy stuff with this label as much as possible.
also www.responsibletechnology.org has a shoppers guide
buy from farmers that are Certified Naturaly grown: www.naturallygrown.org
Organic is not supposed to have GMO although it is not tested
or best yet, start growing your own

There is...

No bigger issue that the Monsanto issue! What we eat and put into our bodies is the most important thing...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

It's far more dangerous than that

It even supersedes "what we eat and put into our bodies". It is bigger than just a damage it can do to one individual. Even if it's 100% safe and more nutritious than natural food (which it is not, nor will it ever be, but for the sake of argument), it would still be more dangerous than anything else out there. This is a downright attempt to take the concept of life and reproduction away from nature and take the total control of food production. It is an attempt to eliminate all laws of nature and establish itself as the only source of food, to which you have to pay the license in order just to plant a seed. The idea here is that they can release a slightly different seed , which they can patent, then infect everyone else and sue for licensing. This , if allowed , will not stop at canola, corn and others. It will spread to animals as well. If allowed, this will result in a world in which you can not plant tomatoes and raise chicken in your backyard or farm without paying license to one or two corporations. You will not be able to replant or breed these without paying the license. Your labor and time investment in raising these monstrosities will be of no value - the only value is in the license on life that they hold. And you will not have a choice as the infection will be in any living thing, and every living thing will belong to them.

A lot of people here don't

A lot of people here don't seem to understand just how dangerous GMO seeds/foods are.The way I see it it isn't about a free market,this is about a horrible way to control the food we eat.This is a scientific experiment and we are the Guinea pigs.Our body's were not designed to process these altered gene foods and once these seeds are spread all over the world there will be no turning back,they will infiltrate and contaminate all other crops.They will be passed through wind,birds,bees,...etc. There will be no such thing as organic food anymore,it will all be contaminated unless it's grown under very strict conditions.
Monsanto and company's like them need to be stopped by all means from the genocide they are committing to mankind and the planet!!

While I agree with you...

that GMO's are dangerous on an unprecedented level the sentence that they (and to some extent myself) will have the problem with is: "Monsanto and companies like them need to be stopped by all means" This opens up a dangerous excuse to expand governmental powers. And I would have to agree with them on that point at a basic level. Although the issue is much more complicated than that.
Most here are familiar with the Federal Reserve and do believe the government should intervene with them. Well the FED is a Cartel of Banks, much like there is a bio-tech Cartel, Monsanto being the most prominent. Yes, like you I believe that Monsanto and the bio-tech Cartel are as much a threat as the Federal Reserve Cartel (I would bet there are a lot of common owners and CFR members in both to further the same agenda)

The other issue is that Monsanto and the rest of the bio-tech Cartel are committing fraud (see my other comments below)

One thing that we all can agree on is we should be using the free-market approach first and foremost. This means:
1) let Companies know you do not want GMO's in your food www.respgonsibletechnology.org
2) this includes calling and emailing companies you buy food from, if they agree with you demand #3
3) demand voluntary labeling like the non-GMO project: www.nongmoproject.org
4) start growing your own food or buy/barter it from a farmer you trust (ask what variety it is to verify it's not GMO)

Not stopped by any means...

that's for the consumers to do, by either buying it or not. But giving them the right to infect someone else's crop or animals and then claim that it's all good, because it's their patent has nothing to do with free market as it will eliminate free market completely via cross-polination and breeeding. Once there's is a law that can allow farmers to sue Monstanto and the likes of them for contaminating their crops and animals with this virus I will agree with this stance. But you can't have volontary purchases of stuff if all the non-GMO food is gone thru mixing and now having their "patented gene" there.

I agree

I was playing devil's advocate.

More discusion on this issue over here:

Your insight would be appreciated


David vs. Goliath

Mandated Speech Is Not Free Speech

There should be no labeling mandates. What there should be is lawsuits by consumer groups if the labels are fraudulent, such as if they say "natural" but are GMO.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


If it's Sh1t they're putting in a box, then we should be told so! If it's not real food, we have the right to know! There is corn and there is GMO corn.
Know the difference!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

There already are labeling mandates

"There should be no labeling mandates"

There already are, it's called ingredients list. GM food is NOT the same and should be included in the ingredients list as such. It's like being able to put "chocolate" on the ingredients list, when it's actually feces, and arguing that because it once was chocolate you should be able to put "chocolate" on the label

"What there should be is lawsuits by consumer groups if the labels are fraudulent"

Ok, if I take Monsanto to court will you donate funds matching what Monsanto will use against me?

agreed. California also

agreed. California also forced automobile companies to produce cars with lower carbon emissions, and they did due to the size of the California consumer market. I'm not saying eiher is right, but how should state jurisdictions effect issues like this? What about State sponsored medical marijuana?

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

Well said...

Some of the discussions on this thread made me think of the Ben Swann video where he was asking a bunch of liberty folks whether or not they would be in favor of using an executive order to nullify Obamney Care. Two wrongs don't make a right!

Big government is the answer?

For a second I thought I had accidentally clicked on the dailykos. Is this website actually advocating solving this problem with more government? I was actually confused on this issue for a while too, before I realized that voting no on this prop is the right thing to do.

so how do you deal with Cartels?

Should the government be involved if Cartels (such as the Federal Reserve) are committing fraud? Well just as say, Bank of America is part of the banking Cartel known as the FED, Monsanto believe it or not is not the only bio-tech company, just the most well-known of the bio-tech Cartel. So how do you deal with Cartels that are using the force of Government to further their agenda?

Thanks a ton for your liberty stance

What a relief to see your post. How people get the idea they have a right to make someone do something. Do no harm is not doing something it is not doing something.