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Practical Advice for Voting from a Sane Man

Go outside, write 'Ron Paul' in/on a piece of paper. Fold it into a paper airplane and send it into the wind. There, you've voted your 'conscience'; or better yet send it to NASA to cast it into a black hole (way cooler effect than placing it in a voting box and it has the same outcome).

Then go to your polling place and vote for a FUCKING third party candidate so the god damn vote will ACTUALLY be COUNTED! Wow, who wants their votes to count anyways? Who sends a message to noone in order to send a message to everyone? YOU DO! If You don't vote third party at the polls. OK? QUESTIONS? Send them to the same black hole your 'write in' went to.



P.s. I'd literally give up 20 years off my life to have Ron in office. I like him better than everyone, in fact, I pretty much despise everyone else (except Justin Amash), but I am SANE, man... Are you?

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