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Moving to West Palm Beach in a Week for 6-9 months. Any suggestions or good relocation websites?


I'm a Texas Aggie who will be relocating to the Sunshine State in about a week or so. (Found out Yesterday!) I will be down there for anywhere from 6-9 months.

I own an RV which I was considering just pulling down there with me but with the snowbirds it seams rates are through the roof! 1400 FRN's a month!

So what I'm looking for is maybe a sublet or an open room, garage appt I can rent type of deal.

Any advise/help would be much appreciated. I know this is not a travel site but this is my most visited site by far and a place where I feel comfortable posting completely off topic subject matter.


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Good advise

I will be working out near Indiantown off 710. Thanks for the advise about the camp grounds and checking out nearby cities/towns, those are two good ideas.

I have my CCL for Texas.. I need to find out the laws regarding carrying it in FL..

Thanks again!

Don't stop believing

I sent you an email with info

Just saw your post saying you'll be working in Indiantown - I wouldn't recommend you stay out there, it's not the best area nor is there much except a Dollar Store, a few hispanic grocery stores and one nice restaurant - historic Seminole Inn (google it). Stuart would be your best bet - it's about 15 miles but a very easy drive. Stuart/Martin County has beautiful beaches, fishing and much more to do than Indiantown!

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Check state and national parks. Also some mobile home parks.

How far are you willing to drive every day? You also might find someone living in a rural area willing to let you park on their property and hook up to their sewer and power.

Are you or anyone going with you a military member (guard, reserve, etc.?) If one is, you can park in the mobile home parks on a military base.

By the way, most state and national parks require you move every 30 days, but some are "flexible" enough to allow you to move from one plot to another. Some parks have programs which exchange rent for 20-30 hrs of work a month. Check GOODALLS or TRAVEL LIFE for more information.

Winter months are expensive in FL...

RV spaces bring stupid money anywhere in the state. To make matters worse, with so many people out of work rent prices have gone way up as so many cannot buy.
There are several websites with rental properties to give you an idea of how much things are going for. I would suggest renting somewhere outside of WPB as the city is kinda seedy. Depending on where you're gonna be working there are places south toward Lake Worth, west toward Wellington or north toward Palm Beach Gardens.
Word to the wise: NEVER, EVER, EVER be ANYWHERE without your sidearm while in south Florida. EVER. It can be a very dangerous place.

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