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Martial Law Declared on the East Coast

Jersey Shore Declares Martial Law


It's hard to conceive of how long that could take. Seaside Heights and nearby towns are under martial law.


In Wilkes-Barre, where residents were ordered off the streets by 9 p.m. Monday, the city council met in emergency session and authorized Mayor Tom Leighton to "take any necessary action," including the declaration of martial law, "to protect the health, safety and welfare" of residents.

City spokesman Drew McLaughlin said Monday evening the mayor had no intention of suspending civil rights, but that the council preemptively granted the authority as part of a package of tools "needed to respond to an evolving situation" and stop immediate, life-threatening harm.


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4 days ago

It is amazing to me

that this has not received more attention.

I am Ron Paul.


for relevancy