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Given that one of two war mongers will be president, shouldn't we be working to take usurped war power away from that office?

What if we created a party with a single purpose? A party that welcomes those of any philosophy, so long as they want to strip the usurped war powers from the office of president and restore them to Congress. All other issues will be abstained from vote by any elected official from this party. The party will be disposed of once war making power is taken back from the executive.

The purpose of the temporary party would be to pass a single legislation requiring:

1. The President bring all troops home from undeclared wars or face impeachment
2. Congress immediately end all funding of undeclared wars
3. Law clarifying that it is a high crime for the President to send U.S. troops to conflict without a declaration of war from Congress except to repel attack within U.S. borders and any such exception requires an impeachment review until proven valid.

We could give all sitting politicians a limited opportunity to sign an oath to vote for this legislation, regardless of their party or other votes.

All those politicians who will not sign it will face at least one opposition candidate in their next election cycle who's sole purpose for election is to enter Congress and by oath abstain from other votes, impede other business, and pass this legislation, then resign.

Once successful this temporary party would be dissolved and elected officials from the party would resign.

What do you all think of this intensely focused effort? If we took war power from the executive through grassroots effort, would that not be a giant step in the right direction?

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I like your three points and the "high crime" section,

but I dont' know how it would work that these representatives would immediately resign once their objective has been met. Who would represent the people on all the other issues (not that that happens, now anyway, come to think of it) and would it be a special election to get a Congressman back in Washington?

reasonable concern

I dont think it would come to electing too many of these singular purpose congressmen to get the rest to fall in line. If it did, i think the costs of new elections for the resignations is a worthwhile expense if it came to it.

I love any idea that

protects innocent people from war and murder.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

that would be cool BUT we'd have to do something first

fix the voting system. Electronic voting machines have to go. Maybe we should focus on that first.

thanks but i think

Ballots can be handled on a state level while war is legitimately federal. I also think a single issue strategy could be interesting on a state level for state issues.

I agree

The rotten system, players and process have to go before anything can be done.

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