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lol Guy Trying to Justify Not Voting for Gary Johnson

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comment I found on that youtube video

I almost decided to vote for Mitt Romney, then decided against it. I don't think he should be so hard on this guy b/c the fact is there will only be 2 possible presidents a week from now. Gary is not one of them and I thought it was my duty to do everything I can to keep Obama out of office, but now I realize that if Gary gets 5% of the vote, the Libertarian party will have 90 million in fed funds for 2016.

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Probably the most famous of quotes from Ghandi,

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Host is no better than the

Host is no better than the talking heads over at fox news... LET THE MAN SPEAK FOR SHIT SAKE!!!

I'm also starting to see small collectivist groups sprouting up in the Daily Paul... condemning others opinions. (would be fine if there were logical rebuttals and disputes... but not what I've been seeing.)

I almost didn't watch it because GJ.

But the guy is right. He infers my favorite word: COHESION.

Thus why I am writing in.

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