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The Epitome of Cognitive Dissonance

Thank you to Luke Rudkowski at We Are Change for this...


Obama Supporters: "Yes, I think Romney's policies are terrible. Secret kill lists, violations of the Bill of Rights, indefinite detention under the NDAA: these are all an affront to my rights as an American. I can't believe that this man believes this garbage. He is a danger to us all."

Luke: "Sorry, I lied. Romney didn't say this stuff, Obama did."

Obama Supporters: "Oh... well, you see no one is perfect. I'm sure he had a good reason. I am a liberal and he gave us health care. He still knows what's best for us."

I think Luke should interview Romney supporters next, running the same "trick," then combine both videos into one. Perhaps that may wake a few more people up, when they see that most everyone is guilty of this ridiculous herd mentality.

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Bribing Mr. Pre$ident

+1, well caught, Cog-Dis can be seen in many sectors, including politics.
See, from the "Truth-Seeker" on RTv, = Bribing Mr. Pre$ident =

"We expose the Big Business memo making this US election “one of the most corrupt EVER”,

this is why voting on Election Day is so dangerous

Because the voting ritual that you perform on yourself every 4 years causes you to join the cult, unwittingly.

Walking out of the voting booth you are now hopelessly blind to the attrocities committed by your imaginary team.

The power of a CULT

Cult of personality, see this video too:


But didn't Romney also agree with those stuff in the OP?

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

Interesting how they defend when they find out it was Obama...

But I do think a few of those folks took some serious pause.

Good job, Luke.

Thanks, Scott, for posting.

No problem, Jiminy.

No problem, Jiminy.