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NY and NJ are at the Breaking Point, Open thread on Sandy aftermath and what happens next

What are you hearing?

I'm hearing about some desperate situations and parts of society on the verge. We are not seeing this in the news right now. I have several people reporting from Staten Island and other areas that people are cold and down to their last candles. What happens next?

Here are some photos sent to my phone from a friend:


If you know anyone that has firsthand knowledge, please post here. The Daily Paul Community wants the facts not the BS we're being fed on FOX.

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Good to know, thanks!

Good to know, thanks!

Blessings )o(

$ 300 is enough for you

for 3 months worth of food? What do you do eat once a day? Not saying that the FS should be giving out, just saying I find it hard to believe that someone only spends $100 per month on food.

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No, I eat more than once a

No, I eat more than once a day. LOl I shop wisely. I feed my Mom most of the time too. It doesn't need to be expensive to eat. I don't buy prepackaged stuff. Everything I eat has to be made from scratch. I can buy a months worth of food for $100. Its not hard to do if you don't eat a lot of processed or junk food.

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The way it worked here

Was if you already were receiving FS and you lived in one of the counties that was declared a disaster area you received the additional FS. If you were not already receiving them but your income was affected due to the storm you could apply and have it expedited so that you could receive the assistance asap. If your income exceeded the normal guidelines and you did not experience a loss of income related to the storm you did not qualify regardless of how you were affected. My aunts home was completely destroyed by an F4/F5 tornado but due to their income they we're not offered anything (which I agree was the right thing to happen).

I say all this just to say that this is in addition to what they already receive and they aren't just going to give them to any and everyone. . You still have to go through some of the normal procedures and meet their guidelines. Despite that there will be some who will live in one of the counties declared a disaster area who will receive the assistance even though they sustained NO damage... there's always those who will take advantage of the loopholes.

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It is going to be cold & another storm is coming to East Coast

East Coast storm brewing mid week
Dale Eck, Director; Global Forecast Center
Nov .4, 2012 2:55 pm ET - Northeast

- Chilly, breezy and mainly dry conditions continue through Monday.

- Temperatures overnight will drop into the 20s in northern New England and then 30s elsewhere.

- Temps will be 10 to 15 degrees below normal on Monday.

- Highs will range from the 30s north to the 40s to near 50 south.

- A significant East Coast storm appears likely for Wednesday and Thursday with gusty winds, rain and inland mountain snow.

Just a small bit of info in

Just a small bit of info in southern jersey. Churches are playing a large role in assisting in charity for basic needs. Schools are generally closed and acting as shelter locations. Loads of donations are overwhelming shelters with clothing. But simple things like socks and underwear were being requested specifically as of a few days ago. Some shelters were no longer accepting clothes unless they had brand new tags on them!

Groceries and gasoline are well stocked on store shelves around here, but i live in a landlocked county, not affected by the gasoline rationing. This is a small state but there seems to be a pretty wide gap between regions affected and those that are not. Still several local towns that are waiting for power restoration.

We had to specifically say

No clothing other than NEW underwear and socks. People mean well but trying to sort through all the clothing was EXTREMELY time consuming and it was more important for us to be able to supply people with food, water, first aid items, diapers/formula, etc. We had to have people go out into the areas that were hit and deliver meals/drinks several times a day because we found that people didnt want to leave their home (even when there was very little of it left) because they were afraid of losing what they still had even though we had ALMOST NO looting (people knew that they would very likely be shot on sight... we don't play those games here in Alabama).

Even after we said please no clothing there was some we would still accept ... sometimes because it was new/usable... sometimes because we could tell how important it was for the person who was donating to feel like they helped someone out. The latter was often the case with children or senoir citizens who were on a fixed income but felt compelled to do something... many times they would say how they wished they were able to help physically but since they weren't able they chose to donate things that they no longer used. Something like this can be really hard in those who live very close but didn't have damage (even though it is nothing like what the survivors are dealing with) because they almost seem to feel guilty about them not having damage while so many around them do. Accepting things we knew we couldn't use from people like that seemed almost as if it was therapy for them (if that makes sense).

Anyway, I'm rambling. Glad all is well in your area. Things WILL get better. There are many of us out here who are working to help you all in whatever ways we can.

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Those folks in Staten Island

should be screaming for abolishing FEMA!!

It says a lot, people crying for help because they can't help themselves. Then you have a big government entity that won't help either. This is exactly what happens when you rely on someone else for your well being!
Certainly nobody had flood insurance either, right?
Now, lawsuits for taxpayers to rebuild all the private property wrecked in the storm.

Would state governments do a better/faster job in natural disasters, I say certainly.

For the first time ever NJ's

For the first time ever NJ's average gas price is > than the national gas average!

Hmmmm, I wonder where all the surplus gas was re-routed to considering most gas stations are not operating in NJ. I think this was done by design in order to beef up gas prices in the Northeast which will vote Obama anyway; thus allowing excess supplies to be re-routed to the midwest & south a week before the election to bag key states.

Crazy how Obama is not directing his beloved FEMA

to help with the rescue effort but rather out campaigning calling for "revenge"

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ALERT! I have people on the ground in Queens

If you need anything and can read this, email me at dexterszyd@gmail.com.

I'll connect you with Hands of Light

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Dexter, please make a new thread...

when you have donation info for us. I am in Westchester County and have donated some supplies to help people in Staten Island, but I can give more.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

if you're in a position

to provide relief, how about some donation info?

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What kind of donations?

I could give you some info but it depends on what you are donating. My suggestion for any monetary donations would be to send it to a verified local GRASSROOTS group who is on the ground rather than red cross...that is really who does most of the groundwork that FEMA and the Red Cross will later claim to have done... at least that is how it has always been in my experience. Things may be a little different down here in the country. I can provide you with some names of groups in just a little bit when I get back to my laptop.

Also, for anyone who is in Alabama, Georgia or some of Tennessee we have a good many drop spots throughout the region. We are accepting food, water, cleaning/work supplies, diapers, etc. Trucks will be leaving later this week. Let me know if you need more info.

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During Katrina..

the Red Cross mainly handed out debit cards and arranged for tarps for damaged roofs. While both of those services indeed helped a lot of people it's not very innovative or customized to unique needs.

I took advantage of the roof tarping. They were very speedy and arrived at my house literally 15-20 minutes after I returned from signing up. I would have done it myself but needless to say there was a shortage of both tarp material and workers during that time. I appreciate what they did greatly and it prevented a lot of further damage to exposed homes and businesses.

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I am thankful to hear that

Your experience was positive! I understand that these organizations are NOT all bad, but all the red tape and regulations they have make things much more difficult at times and we saw many people who most likely would not have made it if we had not ignored their rules. It has made me have a bad opinion of them that may very well be worse than it should be.

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I completely share your disdain for them. :p

At the end of the day, they just need to get the hell out of the way...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I appreciate your suggestions

We did Katrina and Japan and typically don't take money. ....

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I hope to have info later today

Hang tight

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Do you have a drop location?

I encourage you make plans for receiving ASAP or you will find some challenges getting off loaded.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Yes, we have a member

Who grew up here then moved to Brooklyn where he stayed for many years. He has coordinated all of that with some of the local grassroots groups because they are so much more effective than going through fema or the red cross. When I get back to my laptop I will email you with some of that information. It may be later tonight.

Thank you for what you are doing!! We know how difficult and time consuming it is as well as how easy it is to get discouraged or overwhelmed at times. You ARE appreciated! :)

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Yes , we're working on it

From past experience its better to have a plan and everthing in place before you broadcast. I have been blocked by governments and agencies every time these things happen.

I'm working with an org this time called Hands of Light in Action.... More coming

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I know help is on the way. I

I know help is on the way. I passed a fleet of 20+ utility trucks heading that way Friday from NH. So, the states in the New England area are rallying to the cause. Now, whether they'll be allowed to work down there or not is the question. Gov. Christie turned away workers because they were not union. NH is not a union state, but obviously, people are trying to pitch in.

Blessings )o(

Why is Gov. Christie turning workers away from Hurricane Sandy?

Why would anyone who came to help, be turned away, unless they are here illegally?

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We had workers turned away for being non-union

They are trying to bury it as much as possible but there were quite a few trucks who drove all the way from Alabama only to be sent back... some were able to go to another area to help but not all of them. It's ridiculous how much stuff gets complicated when the people are forced to surrender control of their recovery to any type of government agency. I absolutely hate FEMA with a passion after having to work with them when we had a huge tornado outbreak in April 2011 then again last January... if I never see them again it will be too soon. The disaster relief group I work with is sending trucks of supplies up there that we are going to try to get out to the people without FEMA's knowledge... it's the ONLY way you can make sure that EVERYONE is taken care of.

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Bloomberg is turning the

Bloomberg is turning the National Guard away too because they carry guns. Its just nuts what these politicians will do. [not that I think the NG should be there anyway, btw]


Blessings )o(

In our area

The national guard was brought in to man checkpoints at every road leading into one of our disaster areas. That's pretty much all they did unless one of the local politicians was concerned that the people in their area were going to "start trouble" (i.e. try to do things on their own rather than going through gov't agencies). When they got worried about that they would threaten to bring them in to "keep order" but I never saw that actually happen.

In my opinion/experience, the more control the locals have over how things are done the more smoothly everything will go. However, knowing the reputation of the NYPD, it may not be a bad thing for the actual survivors if they were to allow the guard to have some access. It could work in their favor. IDK... it still frustrates me to think about how much more difficult things became for us once the government arrived and insisted they were in control.

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Private sector always

Private sector always outperforms the Govt. And, I agree. NYPD is nuts from all I've seen. If nothing else, I think they'd be less likely to shoot with NG around watching them.

Blessings )o(

I have a bad feeling

that this is a Katrina repeat.

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Most people in these states

Most people in these states are communist liberals. Where is their precious government? Communists get what they deserve.