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American Myths

I was thinking it might be good to dispel some myths in the daily semantics we use. Feel free to add more, as this will help to change the perception of the reality we live in:
Myth #1. We are facing a "fiscal cliff" - in reality, we have already jumped off the fiscal cliff. The rising inflation, food stamps, poverty, and jobless data are all signs we have already jumped off the cliff and are starting to accelerate.
Myth #2. The USA will go to war with Iran at some point in the near future - in reality, we are already at war with Iran. Sanctions, which impoverish and starve people, are an act of war just as if we had used bullets to kill Iranians, so we are already at war with Iran.
Myth #3. The US Dollar is the world's reserve currency - if China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and Iran are not using our currency to conduct trade transactions, then the USD is not the world's reserve currency anymore.

Any other updates to our semantics?