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The Ugly Truth About the Libertarian Party


Libertarians, doin' it for the money and ridin' the Gravy Train!

Just a few reasons why the LP is no better than the GOP or Dems. In an unbelievably crass manner, the Libertarians are trying to hijack the Liberty movement in a way that smacks of political opportunism: capitalizing on the decades of hard work and sacrifice by fringe Republicans, and splintering the movement.

Ron Paul, or none at all! This means YOU TOO, Johnson!


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Why can't we do both?

Great vid and many good points. But we can infiltrate the Republican party (aka bringing it back to its roots) over the next 4 years AND vote Johnson this time around. "Hijack the movement and make sure it goes nowhere". A concern, for sure. But still success for Johnson in this election is good for Liberty in general.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

We need to

get 5% this year and then take over the Libertarian Party and show them how it's done. The people running that party are lacking big time. The Libertarian Party is on the ballot in 48 states. The republicon Party is hopeless. I say let's take over the Libertarian Party.

Republican Party elections are state funded / gov. subsidized.

Libertarians have no chance to complete nationwide or even at the state level in this lopsided environment.

RAND PAUL Republican 2016!