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Gary Johnson

Gary says he will end the war in Afghanistan, he was oppossed to Iraq, He wants to end foreign aid to Israel, he does not war with Iran, he told me personally 3 years ago that he would sign legislation to end the fed if submitted by congress. Yes he said he supports "humanitarian wars" and I think he made a mistake. He also said he would not support a war not decalred Constitutionally by conngress
. I have largely stayed out of the vote GJ debate mainly because I know he does not have a real shot at winning. I mean actually being elected. if he did I would have been all over that like flys on shite after Dr Paul left the stage. That said I take issue with blatant lies spread about Gary. I know people that are his friends and I kinow that he came onto the political stage in New Mexico and has a better economic track record in terms of results than anyone currently running for office . Gary is the only guy who has actually took a deficit and made it into a surplus. He is the only guy who has run Govt fiscallly conservatively in actual practice. To say he is a warmongeer or neo con is not just off base its a lie. To say there is nothing good in his past record is a lie.I take issue with these things not because I give a crap who you vote for. I dont care who you vote for as long as its not romney. I care about these things because Gary is a real person with real people that care about him and he does not deserve to be slandered with lies. Criticize his "humanitarian war " statement, attack his apparent misunderstanding of the fed..etc in other words use facts to criticize Gary Johnson not lies and insane talk of dark plots where there is no evidence for any of this. Yes doug turner is a member of the cfr(Garys campaign manager for Gov). This gave me pause when turner ran for gov but I also did not have a track record like Gary's to vett him with.I was an altar boy that does not mean I am a Vatican Assassin

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Gary Johnson....

....is now irrelevant.

If we lose the GOP nomination in 2016, or in any other races in the meantime, vote Libertarian in the general. Otherwise, focus on the GOP.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Need to keep an eye...

on Roger Stone, Gary Johnson's strategist.

"Politics is not about uniting. It is about dividing." - Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a longtime GOP "hitman" who pops up like clockwork every now and then dividing the opposition. He's been doing it since Nixon. It's funny he popped up just as Ron Paul people were reaching critical mass to take over the Republican party apparatus in many states...

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Putting the most divisive posts on the front page

what a way to move foward.

When I vote, I have to have

When I vote, I have to have the assurance that my soul can deal with my decisions..I have never voted R or D (except Ron of course) because I have never felt right about it. So knowing that..I would never go pull the lever For Gary Johnson. Because deep down I know that we do not agree on so much stuff that I would be betraying myself to do so. I won't compromise my morals and my principals even if it may or may not help the liberty movement.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

I respect that

I respect that

Not surprised on low rating

Reason is lacking in collectivist left, religious "right" and Alex Johns type populists alike. They all are nice honest people, but childhood dogmas and poor education made them half-baked.

Young energy mixed with frustration creates anxiety that only easy scapegoats can release. Instead of reading books and understanding every concept discussed, they would rather watch youtube and focus their rage on Zionists and private bankers.

Ayn Rand was not impressed when Rothbard tried to play with "New Democrats" (socialists.) She would not be impressed with today's RP supporters who are a mix of Blue Republicans, religious and populists.

I and Illusi0nz have gathered

I and Illusi0nz have gathered everything we could about Gary Johnson and this is what we came up with...


We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



I do not want even go there

Don't our "purist" midgets understand that GJ wont be elected?

It is about maximizing liberty:
- breaking the two-party monopoly without relinquishing our gains in GOP
- having party for 2016 we can call our own

We have enough time to find a new leader by then. Unless we replace religious in GOP, GOP cannot be a political right. LP, if it breaks the two-party monopoly, will represent a clear-cut alternative to collectivist dogmas: religious and progressive.

It's sad that a post like

It's sad that a post like this gets so many downvotes nowadays. I don't participate in bashing anyone who wants to vote GJ or RP, but I'm considering leaving this site altogether because of all the hateful people who have taken it over and just go around downvoting everything and insulting everyone.

What's going on is these people here who love the idea of an enemy to fight, so they try to find a group of enemies here where they should be among friends. When people try to engage them honestly, all they do is ignore the question and make a comeback to "get" the other guy. It's the exact same as the people in the major two parties attacking the other side without even acknowledging any points being made or realizing that they're 90% the same as the other side.

And I don't mean just die-hard RP supporters, and there's nothing wrong with being one. There are others here who do the same.


I have recently been saying the same thing. I really do think DP has been infiltrated. However, I REFUSE to let them run me off. That's EXACTLY what they want! I have seen other people here say that they are going to quit DP for the same reasons. These are people that have been here for years! They shouldn't let the jerks that post childish attacks or downvotes get to them. Consider the source and ignore it. I have been downvoted more during the last week than in all the months I have been here put together. I even got downvoted for saying I wanted Ron Paul's opinion on Prop 37! Go Figure.


He would be against Prop 37.

Pretty clearly, he wouldn't be for forcing -some- companies to label, exempting others, exempting restaurants, that would be playing favorites, putting additional cost and stigma on some companies and even farmers who have widely embraced GMO, while essentially subsidizing others who do not use it.

He wouldn't be for the label in the first place though, because there is no 'right to know' just like there is no 'necessity to contract.' You choose what you buy, and if you don't have sufficient information to assure you that it's the product you want, don't buy it.

Buh-bye Johnson troll (5 months member)

You came you saw you thought you would conquer, voting down all Ron Paul write-in posts and bashing all those who dared promote it. You lied about "it will invalidate your vote," a FLAT-OUT lie. You got a surprise. Ron Paulers fight back.

Release the Sandy Hook video.


Am I a Johnson Troll? I have been a staunch Ron Paul supporter, battling the NEOCONS on The Blaze this entire election, but now I believe that since Ron Paul is not in the race, we need to think about the movement, and this movement has never been about one man, and I believe Ron Paul would be the first to say that. I had thought of writing in Ron Paul, but I believe now, that we need to consider the movement before our emotions. Gary Johnson, just like Ron Paul, will not win, but we can do something positive for the movement in two respects by voting for the Libertarian Party. If the Libertarian Party gets 5% or more in the election, it will have automatic 50 state ballot access, without having to fight the Republican Party, and it will receive federal funds for the next election (battle won for Liberty in this war). Other battles we need to continue to win is chair positions in the GOP at the state levels. Think about how the Liberty Movement can progress toward winning the war, if we end up with two vehicles that put forth Liberty Minded candidates in future elections. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. My Opinion.

The PROBLEM is....

that those who seem to be disagreeing with Gary Johnson on principle are in reality just gay cultist neocon Romney supporters (or so I keep being told).

I mean, c'mon, Occam's Razor plainly shows that the most rational explanation is that the troublemakers are overweight gay cultist neocon jesuit fundamentalist reptilian Romney supporters from the planet Niburu. Damn thugs! ;(

They probably listen to Alex Jones while munching on GMO snacks too... :|

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Upvoting And Downvoting...

I do not consider bashing anyone. It merely expresses if I agree with someone or not. If someone says something that I disagree with I might down-vote signifying I disagree. Why do you up-vote posts? Because you agree right? I do think it is wrong when people bash each other with words on the comments and I try to stay away from that. I wonder if anyone will down-vote this comment.LOL

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



Baloney. You know darn well that down-voting keeps Ron Paul

write-in threads off of Ron Paul's own front page sidebar, which the johnsonistas suddenly decided belonged to them. Violins for Johnsonite crocodile tears here don't play stupid.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I am a write-in Ron Pauler.

I am a write-in Ron Pauler.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



good point

I am a die hard Ron Paul supporter and I am disappointed that my post got so many down votes. I figure not many people read my stuff anyway. A Gary Johnson voter is a Dr Paul voter so it seems odd that people would attack him or his supporters, They are only attacking those they need as allies.

you are assuming Johnson supporters are doing it

I think Romney supporters are doing it....and hard-core GOP types.

We don't need allies like Gary or a 3rd party

Become the GOP. Follow Ron Pauls plan. There will be a tipping point where we will control the entire structure and will be able to reign it in and nullify all the rules created to disenfranchise us.

Gary Johnson is weakening the movement not helping it. He is statist scum of the highest level for what he has done.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Yours are the most ludicrous

Yours are the most ludicrous troll posts I've seen here in over 3 years. You are hopeless..

And this takes the cake: "Gary Johnson is like a farm dog that sucks eggs"

Become the GOP?

Never. The GOP is a nasty organization that, with the exception of murder (I hope) will do ANYTHING to keep the status quo. Why Dr. Paul ever had anything to do with the GOP is beyond me.


lots of Ron Paul National Delegates

are supporting Gary Johnson including myself. Without us there would have been an even smaller contingent of Ron Paul delegates, maybe even smaller than 2008, maybe none (though none seems unlikley). Were you a National Delegate?

how can you say anybody

how can you say anybody fighting the establishment is statist scum? You're just so off based and down right idiotic. Good luck trying to change the GOP... the rest of us will work to break down the 2 party system and actually give people choices.

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

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i'm not impressed...

turner is cfr, gitmo is a statist

you mentioned at leat two things in your thread that substantiates what we've all been saying all along

support for "humanitarian" wars/doug turners connections to the cfr

gitmo has got to go!

he won't be missed and since you know him so well ask him how he feels about blood sucking and begging for Ron Paul votes that he can't have...if he needs us to make his 5%...he's screwed

of course, he was screwed when he threw in his lot with the cfr

nuff said!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

paddysforronpaul is part of the ronpaultribune site

and it's people that are behind most of the nastiness towards Dr.Paul.

They're behind, I suspect, all of the sites that I raised issues with over data mining.

Also let's not forget the Roger Stone GOP hitman that Gary is connected with too.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

your an idiot

I have nothing to do with the ron paul tribune site and even if I did so what? I'll bet I have done more for Ron Paul in one day than you ever dreamed of doing. I do not sit on a pc all day slandering people. I actually worked my ass off for Dr Paul. Did you travel all over the country working at ron paul offices? Did you get ron paul delegates elected in your state? I did. I was responsible for the biggest congressional district in my state and I got more people to tampa than a little troll like you could ever aspire to. Perhaps we should meet rp4pres and discuss this like men

Funny you say that because I remember you following around

Yowan, NeverQuit and a few others religiously and I'm fairly sure I've seen you on the chat. Yes I have been there.

I've done more than my "fair share" of Ron Paul campaigning. If I told you who I was, you'd close that pie-hole pretty quick.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I know who you are rp4pres

your an idiot who lies