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Michigan Dems to vote Ron Paul?


Ron Paul is the only one talking about discontinuing our policy of placing military bases on foreign soil all over the world.
I don't hear any of the Democrats saying that.

Honestly, I'm not keen on voting for Romney to cause mischief. I'd rather vote for Paul. While a Romney victory in Michigan could create more turmoil on the GOP side, it won't send any other message, as Romney is an establishment candidate. On the other hand, a big turnout for Paul, big enough to beat Huckabee, would induce fear, loathing, and even panic, as the GOP establishment can't stand Paul. A strong showing by Paul will give the GOP leadership heartburn; a Romney victory will do no such thing.

I still can't decide if I'm even going to vote on Tuesday, but your rationale about voting for Paul makes more sense than anything else I've heard. I HATE ROMNEY. I really can't vote for him, no matter what. I think I'll wait until late in the day on Tuesday and see how the election is going. Maybe something will happen that convinces me to vote by then.

I can see voting for Romney on a purely strategic basis, as it will keep three viable Republicans in the race and possibly withhold the nomination from McCain and Huckabee, but it's still voting for the GOP Business Establishment's candidate. If I want to make mischief, voting for a flip-flopping empty suit isn't the way to do it.

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I hope you make the right decision.

Thanks for at least toying with the idea of voting for Ron. You were right though the best way to send a gutshot to the Neocons is to vote for Dr. Paul. Voting for Romney is exactly what they want you to do.

Wilmington NC LOVES Dr. Paul

Wilmington NC LOVES Dr. Paul