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Californians - How to Make Your Vote Count

In CA the polls have Obummer at least ten percentage points ahead of Rombot. Simply put there is no realistic chance that Romney will win the State of California.

So you can forget about the idea that somehow your not voting for Romney is "throwing your vote away" or working to elect Obama.

You can, however, help the Libertarian party get to 5% of the popular vote, whereupon in the next Presidential election it will receive election funds from the Federal government, just like the dems and repubs, which would make a huge difference in getting the word out. (Yes, I know Libertarians should be against that fund existing at all, but if it can be used to beat back the republicrats, and spread the message of liberty, I am for it).

You can send a message that you don't consider the IRS< the Fed, the mil budget, to be sacred cows that cannot be questioned. You can send a message that you value civil liberties and small government. You can send a message that you value peace, worldwide and here at home. That matters.

On the other hand, if you write in a candidate, or stay home, or vote Romney, your vote will likely have no effect nearly as significant.

The choice is all yours

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The best way for a libertarian

in California to have their vote count is to leave the state. I did and I'm much happier now that I've left that fascist police state. I'm in New Hampshire now and there's a real difference being made here.

well,there is that

but for those of us who will be here for the next three days, play on...

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein