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Saturday Night Shocker: Behind The Spin the Romney Camp Admits They’re Losing


Maybe that's why Ann Romney was all teary eyed at the event today.

What this means is that the Romney campaign knows that they are losing the get out the vote effort. They know they are losing the ground game. They know that they don’t have enough field offices and staffers in swing states, and most importantly, they have no mapped out plan for winning this election.

When a campaign starts talking about how it doesn’t matter that their opponent is beating them it certain areas, that kind of talk is a huge flashing neon sign telling everyone within earshot that they are losing in those areas. The Romney folks know that they are getting clobbered in early voting and the mobilization of supporters.

Paul Ryan's people are already looking for him something to do after the election--he could also lose his House seat:


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Rmoney was here in Ohio on Friday. For some reason all three of his campaign appearences were in GOP strongholds that he was going to win regardless. Hmmm? Seems like he would have went to areas where he is down a bit but still could be won with a little surge and a get out the vote effort. He is speaking to the choir.

Also, Rmoney is still throwing red meat to the base. At this late stage of the game he should have had his base wrapped up and he should have moved to the center two months ago to get the indy's and conservatice dems. Tells us a lot.


for the link and the info. I have incorporated it in our Write-in Ron Paul effort here in California.


I stood before the man and felt his breath on my face. In his eyes I saw …. A warrior.

Too many people know...

that the Big Banks have screwed them over. And they associate banking and big business with the Republicans.

At the end of the day the Banks could care less who wins. Either way the fake money keeps flowing and brown skinned people keep dying....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~