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Judge Napolitano: More Than 100 Complaints of Price Gouging in New Jersey 11/1/12

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Nature creates Natural Monopolies

We call it Bad Weather.

However -- If the businesses who take advantage of "natural disasters" ever ONCE took advantage of Gov't Intervention (bailouts, subsidization, tax-breaks, price-setting, etc) in the past then they SHOULD NOT be allowed to take advantage when people are the weakest -- BECAUSE the "advantage" they took previously was carried on the back of the people (meaning they received their "price gouging" benefit in the past and CANNOT be allowed to DOUBLE DIP).

Price Gouging during a "natural disaster" preceded by American-Style Corporatism must not be allowed -- if businesses "benefit" from non-free-market advantages / guarantees / intervention they CANNOT benefit during times of national emergency.

If a natural disaster is preceded by a free-market, then there would be no gov't to go to to rectify the advantages -- those businesses who do take advantage WILL BE REMEMBERED and those who do not will win future favor.

The last two weeks

have been more than enough of a reason to convince me that price gouging is not only "fair", but needed.

Write-in: Judge Andrew Napolitano - VP


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Oh, how they all love and praise the free market system , until

it operates contrary to their collectivists ideals.


and I'm a little upset that the judge didn't attack the fallacy of price gouging, he gave his friend Christie a pass. The simple fact is that the lack of higher prices will cause people to suffer and the regulators are responsible. They could cause people to die by not allowing the market to allocate resources.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Which "they"?

This is important.

The "they" is anyone who is opposed to the free market

We all know, or should if we are here on DP, that the free market allocates resources better than any other system, so far. However, the truly free market system is a two edged sword, at some point in time everyone is "they". The important thing to know is who "they" want to be the enforcer of anti free market function and that's government. Government steps in, bribed by special interests money to regulate, tax, and impose anti free market regulations to protect those whos interests are threatened.

Flipflopped my vote on your comment

Thanks for clarifying. I should've known better and just upvoted you to begin with.

That's cool


I see no problem with raising prices

When a business owner has a resource that is highly sought after. Supply and demand sets the price. The business owner's costs are going to go up with all of these people coming into their store, why not make some extra money? They took the risk of starting the business and should reap the rewards when their resource is highly sought after. It is just that people think that paying a fair price for gas is a "right". If I was in jersey and had fuel, I would be charging 10 dollars a gallon also.

What's wrong with price gouging?

A business owner should be able to do what ever he/she wishes with their business. I don't care if they raise prices a thousand percent, they own it and they can sell it for what ever they wish.

And if the price really is to high

nobody will pay it, but go to another seller. The man with the too-high price will have to lower it to meet what the market will bear. The free market knows what the price should be, the politicians do not.

Stossel went out and bought a $30 AA-powered flashlight

after the storm and had a guy on who discussed why price gouging isn't necessarily a bad thing. I was a bit dubious before the segment aired, but I think it made sense in the end.


Basically we've got business owners who were, most likely, equally effected by the storm. Like the good Judge says, if you can't make coffee with water from the tap, making coffee from bottled water without raising the price just means you don't make money. If you don't make money, why are you open? If you can't earn enough to restore your business or pay for your hotel or get your basement pumped, what's the point of even opening? If you can't sell your flashlight for more than normal, how in the hell are you supposed to get more shipped to your store with the state the roads are in?

It forces a business into not being able to be responsible for itself. Should anyone who's able to get to work and asks their boss for a bonus or an advance be fined too? They're doing the same thing, aren't they? Gouging by wanting more money for the same service.


This is front page stuff! love it