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Are we at a Fork in the Road????

Is it just me or has it seemed like a bunch of people jumped off the wagon just as fast as they jumped on? It seems like right after NH and the recent Rascism smear that people have jumped ship or are just keeping silent. I find it interesting how all you need to do is "claim" someone is rascist and regardless of the proof against it people just run away. I've seen people who for the very reason brough them to the revolution (i.e. Media misrepresentation) are now jumping ship at the VERY THING!!!! .

I would just like to say that I am apart of Ron Pauls campaign until the very end, Even if I have to write his name in the ballot I will do so....

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Not a fork a slight hickup.

that is the worst they can throw and we took on the chin and overcome. I for one was very very very upset about it. Ron Paul does not pander and fights the good fight. He can only be attacked by smear campaigns.

I thought this was good....

....for countering the racist smear:


I think...

...some people have been disappointed no doubt. What we were seeing on the Internet hasn't turned into as many votes as we had hoped.

BUT, I still believe that the revolution is still growing...because the message is STRONG. Substance...not style resonates and lasts! And that's what the RP Revolution has...in spades. We've only begun to fight!

P.S. An unexpected "win" -- perhaps tonight in Michigan -- could revive the spirits of millions of RP patriots and do wonders for donations.

Paul no matter what!

I'd be a human shield for RP. I'm not going anywhere.

Also, just wanted to say... not sure if it is the same everywhere - but we have a Ron Paul meeting every week and half those that show up are NOT part of our meetup. Either they don't have internet or don't want to be in the meetup themselves. But we have about twice the people at the meetings as we have in our meetup. Pretty weird. Anyone else see that???


I know of one

former supporter that left after Iowa and NH claiming that Ron Paul can't win - she claims she doesn't want to waste her vote......

I'm right here

I do know a couple of strong supporters who have been "taken out" by this TNR attack. So far it's only 2. This is the defining moment though, IMO. We love RP for many reasons, but the one thing we don't know about him is whether he can be an executive leader. That's what he now has to show.

If he turns this around and defeats the TNR attack, I think it can bring the old supporters back and win many new ones. But he has to act now. It's gotta be a head-on counterattack which defeats the underlying premises involved in these kinds of smears. If he pulls that off in the name of conservatism, anything is possible in the rest of this race.

Don't underestimate how cranky most everyday conservatives are over how often they, too, get called names by the more virulent voices on the left.

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

If nothing esle

I will write the words Ron Paul in my ballot come November.
This idea that we are failing is exatley the intent of the blackout.
No matter what anyone feels about RP HQ, The RNC, ect - we only lose when we quit.

We only lose when WE quit, unitl then anything is still possible.
Liberty = Responsibility

Liberty = Responsibility

Agreed, RP or Bust.

"Victory for liberty! That is our goal, and nothing less. -- Ron Paul, December 17, 2007"

Ron Paul is my President.

I am in it to the very end.

I am in it to the very end. Anyone who is not does not deserve to be associated with Dr. Paul.

He never gives up in Congress and we should not give up on him.

Freedom is worth it and we need to keep fighting. Did anyone really think this was going to be easy?

In this till the end

He's the only one. I'd take a bullet for RP. Ron Paul or bust!

Puppets come and puppets go but the world's stage is getting cluttered.


anything else is a "wasted vote"


There is only one candidate for President. He stands alone and he is second to none.
Ron Paul for President, come hell or high water.

All we really need is some enthusiasm. January 21 should help the way we all feel.

The Grannies are still collecting for a recount. Is that still in the works? Or not, since Ron Paul did not ask for it?

I think it

seems like that because of the media blackout. We are still here and we are still fighting!

Look at meetup growth


Two days ago we had our third largest day for people signing up on meetup (924). Last month we had two days that broke 1,000. And the day after NH we had over 800 sign up. People are still finding out about Ron Paul just now. When they do, the lightbulb goes off in their head. This Revolution is STILL growing!!

still PLENTY onboard!

still PLENTY onboard! Perhaps reality of battle overwhelming for some but no reason to believe they've jumped.


I am still on board and will be voting for Paul. I think what you're seeing is people might be cooling their enthusiasm b/c it is clear that HQ is not interested in winning.

As Jane has noted many times before; I am just nobody, I have never voted before, I have never ran a campaign and I don't have any reason to complain or any good suggestions.

But, here is what I do know: I can see the differences b/t Huck's McCain's and RP's campaign. They have no money or supporters yet they seem to know how to win.

My read is that RP is not in this to win. I don't know why and I readily admit i don't know what he could have done differently. Then again i am not a campaign manager. But, poor leadership is apparent. I suspect some mainstream support would have been cool but not sure why they could not do that.

Others have written much better suggestions on what could have been done differntly and some of them were quite good.

So, i think what you might be seeing is the end of the beginning. This is clearly not over and just might be a 10 year process. If the people in charge can maintain the database of the names of the 180,000 precinct leaders, then perhaps we have an opportunity to do some damage locally, ground up over the next decade. not ideal but it is not over.

You mean

7000 precinct leaders. 180,000 have not signed on yet.

The problem is that "they" are bigger than us. Without the media, it seems impossible to win. The American people are being had and they don't even know it. You would think some would simply say I don't like giving you all of my money and having to work several jobs per household and worrying all the time about our economy. But nooooooo, they have been conned. Neo-conned.

This has been obvious in trying to rally PLs.

It is also very obvious when we are canvassing going do to door and talking to Sheeple and Socialists.

We need to get more media attention.

"Victory for liberty! That is our goal, and nothing less. -- Ron Paul, December 17, 2007"

Ron Paul is my President.

I dont think

that people are very smart. I sometimes wonder if real change will ever come through the ballot box. I am not suggesting anything here but it is difficult to imagine an uprising as strong as the revolution has been these past 6 months.

So, perhaps change will come outside of the ballot box. I don't know what that would be, but if people are not very smart then how long will the smart ones hang out while the dumb ones bring them down.

Interesting times to be sure.

I'm for Ron Paul...

...but he disappointed many, including myself, when he not only didn't at least publicly question the New Hampshire returns when there were ample indicators of fraud, but he rationalized away the unexpected fifth place finish saying it was "high turnout." No fraud. Nothing to see here. Move along. The magical Obama double digit preelection poll lead evaporation? So what...

When you make excuses for the establishment powers that be in the face of obvious vote fraud, where is the "revolution?"

I voted for him today in Michigan, but a lot of the enthusiasm is gone. Now I'm in the "saddest words of tongue or pen--it might have been" mood. I kicked in $550 to his campaign and another $100 to Howard Albert's recount effort, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt (I really did get a Ron Paul T-shirt by the way).

The fight was in New Hampshire, not in Michigan or the upcoming "Super Tuesday" states. Why would anyone think that the voting machine fraud in New Hampshire would be overcome in subsequent states when those states have the same or similar voting machines?

robot999's picture

Sometimes we need to TRUST

Look, I wasn't there in NH, and I would guess that you weren't either. Ron Paul is our ICON for the Revolution, he is a very experienced politician who is very used to being chastised and ridiculed for his (correct) positions. WE NEED TO TRUST HIS JUDGEMENT, and do our part in the revolution. IMHO, you have done one of the GREATEST things you can do by casting your vote today! Congratulations, and thank you!!! (you are a hero... really). Now get your chin up, and keep supporting the work we are all doing, and remember: It won't happen over night, so keep up the fight!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


Meant to say "Albert Howard". :)

I think

He's referring to the fact that the money bomb doesn't seem to be attracting many pledges this time. It's still under 9,000! I am very worried about this. People, if you haven't signed on at www.freeatlast08.com you need to sign up now! Tell everybody you know, there is no reason that every single Ron Paul supporter can't dig out *something* to give to the campaign the 21st, whether it's $100, or $10, or $1, we all have to give!

I'm dropping $1021.00x2

For my wife and I. I hope she likes her present. Happy B day honey.



if people are jumping ship because of that....

they are clueless and probably shouldn't have been on board in the first place. Anyone who doesn't recognize the incredible threat currently posed to the American people and the Constitution has a bad case of MSM fever.

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

Hey David... What are you smoking? I want some too!!

I don't know anybody... ANYBODY!! who has been swayed by the Iowa or New Hampshire results or the MSM smear on Dr. Paul. Which just makes me wonder... Who the hell are you, David F? A subversive planted to try and ruin morale among the rank and file? Go away!!

Naw, I've noticed it, too,

and I read a couple letters on a Libertarian site from former supporters of RP who dropped out because of the smear. I couldn't read more than a couple. I've seen comments on digg articles about RP as well. They must've been rather fickle supporters.
It looks like the smear worked at least a bit. I find it sickening how quick people can turn. I myself will be writing him in if he's not nominated; at least I'll be able to face myself in the mirror.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."
- Plato

I'm still onboard

I think the lackluster results in Iowa and New Hampshire have taken a little steam out of the grassroot........especially after we enthusiastically raised $20 million, and were getting a lot of press coverage for it. I don't know what the campaign staff has done with the money, but I know they didn't turn it into votes.........maybe they have a stategy, but they sure don't let us know about it, and that's a little frustrating. I'm thinking Ron Paul might have done better by following Rudy's strategy........build up a big $20 million hype for Super Tues.- Like the "Guy the whole country's been waiting on, Dr. Ron Paul!" Instead we got battered and belittled, and now it will be ver hard to get press coverage. Notice, you haven't seen Ron Paul mentioned anywhere this week. Maybe a win in Nevada will jolt things back around. We've got to keep on truckin'........some of these guys will start dropping out, and maybe that will bring Dr. Paul back into focus.

alan laney

I also will be voting for Ron Paul come what may...

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.
~Mahatma Gandhi

No I don't think that's the

No I don't think that's the case. At least I hope not. A lot of the support on the internet and in NH was from the kids in college. They've gone back to school now and for at least a while they will be busy with classes.

I've also thought about the impact of the word master manipulator Luntz and how he has painted Ron Paul supporters as being some kind of group of crazed, out of control people. The Hannity deal and the calls made to the one woman in NH, were both on Fox News. Perhapses that has scared some people into stepping back a little.

On the other hand, these same people are not going to not vote for Ron Paul or talk to people around them, or not wear their Ron Paul shirts, or take off bumper stickers.

The Revolution goes on, just not as loud as it once was. Rest assured of that. Meet ups will evolve into resistance to the police state that is being built on daily is still as strong and growing as it's ever been.