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Children of the Drone Strikes

This is why they hate us.

They don't want our country they want to be left Alone.

And people wonder why our soldiers are committing suicide?

They are heart broken.

So sad.

I'm ashamed of our leaders.

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GARY JOHNSON is against drone strikes.

Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, stated the following during the Oct. 23, 2012 "Third Party Presidential Debate," in Chicago, IL, hosted by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, available at www.c-span.org:

"We have to stop with the drone strikes."
Oct. 23, 2012 Gary Johnson

Who else is? Romney and Obama are firmly behind drones strikes.

Ron Paul isn't BUT Ron Paul is NOT A CANDIDATE! As much as you might fantasize how nice such a thing would be.

I voted you up

I absolutely find this stuff appalling. It's the primary reason I'm not participating in what we do in these countries by voting for either warmonger.

But I do have to point out that some of those pictures are, in fact, not the results of drone strikes, and are actually victims of other violence.

Shakira for instance is well documented to have been the victim of a drone strike.


This girl, however, was the victim of suicide bombers in Quetta.


Our drone policy is a huge problem anyone voting for the major candidates either has to be outright ignoring or willfully justifying, but no one should need to use unrelated images to perpetuate the extent of that problem.

A: There's plenty of pictures of actual drone victims around to use (many even in your link).
B: Using people who aren't actually the victim of a drone strike is absolutely exploitative.

well said