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We're Gonna Die... We're Gonna FREEZE

We don't need FOODSTAMPS!!
(when people realize that paper is TRULY just paper)


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Absolutely not true

First, not everyone there is from there. Certainly, there were people on the East coast who had experienced storms before, and some had experienced them in other places before.

Second, they were warned, incessantly, for a week just exactly what this storm was going to do. They were told how to prepare.

They were told:

This storm will bring major and unprecedented flooding to a large section of the East coast. You will see anywhere from three to ten feet of water above ground. It will come up quickly and you'll have no where to go. Get out now. They even indicated the areas most likely to see what level of surge. - and it happened just as predicted.

This storm will bring lots of rain - it will soak the ground so much, large trees will topple over from lack of support of the ground. Get out. - and it happened just as predicted.

This storm will bring lots of snow - if you live in higher elevations and further into the mountains, the approaching cold front will combine with the storm and result in 2-3 feet of snow. This will block you in and likely cause massive power outages from the weight of snow on trees that still have leaves on them, causing branches to break and taking out power lines. Get out or prepare to be shut in with no power - and it happened just as predicted.

This storm will cause massive power outages to millions of people. Some people will be without power for more than a week, maybe even two, possibly some pockets for a month or more. Get out or be prepared to live without power for that long. - and it happened just as predicted.


Sorry, I don't buy it.

People in New Orleans tried to make the same claim as you are above. It's not that they hadn't been through storms, or that they didn't know what was possible, but that they didn't take the warnings seriously, and that since Betsy, the storms always turned from the city at the last minute. Too many people didn't plan and prepare for "what if it doesn't turn?"

I don't have sympathy for them either. And some of those people are my family. They knew better. They just chose not to act rationally.

Luckily for my family, they got out in time. Their stuff wasn't so lucky. But it's just stuff.

The bottom line is, I don't have sympathy for people who do not prepare or who do not listen to warnings.

If they are in a bind just a week after the storm, it is their own fault.

I do

It is very sad to see people crying for the government to help them. That is what government help is like: Rob the people and then send too little too late. What amount of tax money was collect from this state and this state cannot help its own people because of federal bureaucracy?

I wonder how much power has been removed from communities to help themselves?

I wonder if this lady has cast a absentee ballot?

I do feel for these people

and I do hope they are helped. I would not want my children in that situation. But, I also think people should evaluate and take stock in what might happen in a future shortage situation. Before the great depression people used to stock up all year long in case of times of being unable to work or lean times. It's easy with supermarkets and cash stations and fast food restaurants to become complacent.

Problem is, that kind of existence is balanced on the edge of a knife. Pull away the money (freeze on the banks) the jobs (power outage) your house (flood or other natural disaster) gas shortages. It's like a house of cards. Pull out the foundation everything falls apart for everyone.

If everyone is self sufficient for their basic needs then everyone has their own independent solid foundation. This allows for more charity type work because only some people will need help rather than everyone.

I got 2-3 of these for a $1 each from this merchant once, now I

know these are pretty INDISPENSABLE in such times...


To hell with gasoline...gather some firewood around!!

And freeze she will

and die she will

What bothers me

the most is the degree to which she expects someone to save her. She can't recognize that the government is working AGAINST her.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Ok, there's enough houses

Ok, there's enough houses knocked down around there, so why aren't they gathering wood to burn? A bonfire would warm them up. Are people just too lazy to fend for themselves? And, if its so bad, then why aren't they trying to get into a shelter? In three days time they could have walked to a shelter set up nearby. If you walk steady you can do at least 20 miles a day. If you want to stay home, then you take all your blankets and huddle till the power comes on. Really, we've become a dependent group of people. Its no wonder our country is in such dire straits. People no longer even think about taking care of themselves.

Blessings )o(

You can bet your ass that I would find a way to get warm

I would never wait for help.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Me too

If its that cold and you need to get warm or die, I'd be busting up the furniture for a fire. Fortunately, I live in the country so my furniture would probably not be needed, I can take down a few trees. The saddest part of this whole disaster is seeing how dependent Americans have become on the nanny state. People like that woman in the video would rather sit there and play victim and point the blame at others for not helping her rather than get out there and help herself.

Blessings )o(

this is why every house should have a fire place

If all else fails you can use it to cook food, boil water, heat your house or even at least a room. There is stuff to burn all over and if you run our of the normal wood and paper you can resort to burning up all that crap taking up space in your house that you don't really need.

Neighbors need to pull together and keep each other warm. Men and Women need to pull together in this crisis and help the weaker ones.

We used to store food
We used to store firewood
We used to have our own sources for water
We used to be able to hunt and carry a gun (big cities you can't)
We used to know how to start a fire and keep it going all day long
we used to know how to cook over a fire
We used to know how to make a temporary shelter if needed

The citizens of this country know less than an 8 year old 100 years ago. We have become on the whole a soft jelly like species who in a world wide crisis would flop over and just die.

This is why big cities are the worst places to live and grow up. And this is why you have to teach your kids survival skills just as you would teach them cooking and how to change a tire.

Even better is a cast iron wood burning stove.

It heats the house and easy to cook on. I plan to put one in as soon as I can save the dough to buy it.

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I take it you don't think

a giant, flat-screen TV would be a better way to spend your hard-earned money.

Nope. Don't even own a TV unless you count my

laptop with my HDTV antenna dongle. (which I hardly ever use now)

Not that they aren't cool and not that I wouldn't like one, but I have other priorities.

Certainly, after I've finished refitting my house to be comfortable without A/C and after I install my 'backup' systems for heat and what not, and get the rest of my preps done, then maybe, maybe, I'll splurge on that flat screen. Unless something more important comes up.

I love in northern MN. I burn

I love in northern MN. I burn wood here. Best heat ever!

far more

efficient than a fireplace and much cheaper/easier to retrofit.

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Do you NOW?

Calling yourself thimbleberry - I am guessing you are from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Are you ready for a disaster NOW?

yes I am doing this now

Am I perfectly ready? no but I don't know many who know everything there is to know. I'm always trying to be in a better situation and have better skills. I learned to can food, to garden, hydroponics, forage food and about a multitude of other things I won't bore you with.

Actually to be honest with you, I have been learning about survival my whole life. Wanted to be a boyscout but they wouldn't let me as I was a female so.... Girl scouts was a watered down craft class. I think because my father died when I was very young I always felt the need to know how to get along on my own in case my mother died too.

So...yes I do all of this now. And my house has a fireplace and I have wood stored up. I'm not from the U.P. But it gets pretty cold here as well. This Thanks Giving think about those Pilgrims and how cold and harsh their first winter was. Many in New York are getting a taste of that now.

My entire family was in scouting at one time or another.

My little sister went on her first camping trip at 6 weeks old. (we were on a trip with one of my brothers) She joined the Girl Scouts when she was old enough, but didn't stay in because her experiences with her brothers in Boy Scouts was way better and she learned more. And she's as 'girly' as can be.

I think the Girl Scout organization does a great disservice to young women. They are not teaching critical skills that are certainly within the abilities of anyone and that everyone should learn them.

If the SHTF, I'd rather a wife who knew how to survive than one who knew how to make artsy junk.


I had the same problem as your little sister. I have 4 older brothers who were in scouting and found Girl Scouts to be disappointing. After building fires, pitching tents, making a homemade bow and arrow and shooting BB guns, how in the heck was I suppose to be content making pot holders? I barely lasted two months.

You are right on here:

"I think the Girl Scout organization does a great disservice to young women. They are not teaching critical skills that are certainly within the abilities of anyone and that everyone should learn them."

That is a tragedy..

on a couple different levels. I hate to see people suffer, but they all had over a week to get out of the way of Sandy. It isn't like a tornado that just drops out of the sky...it doesn't just sneek up on you! Why would they not think of, after listening to the newscasters talking about this "storm of the century"for a week, that perhaps..."Geee, my 90 year old mother is on an oxygen machine and if we're without power for a week, that would be bad...we need to get outa here!" Now they're waiting for Big Brother to help them because they're unprepared or stupid. Perhaps they were just afraid to leave because when they got back all their stuff would be gone.
I'm reminded on the terrible flooding that occurred from Wisconsin all the way down to nearly Nebraska in 2007. Everyone was pretty-much self-reliant...neighbors took care of each other. Never heard a peep about "where's my free gubmint check?!". This happened a year after Katrina/Rita...It proves a very different demographic exists between "city people" and "country people".

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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Where's their nanny?

“They want you to submit, they want you to listen, do what you’re told. I think we’ve had it up to here in New York because you’ve got ‘Nanny Bloomberg’ for your Mayor.” - Rand Paul


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i do feel bad for the older people in the house.

And for the children and anyone else that is cold.

Here, in the country, we would just build a fire outside. I would make sure everyone around me had blankets. Somewhere, in those houses, are blankets. Just ask.

Nice photo op for schumer, don't you think?

He personally took care of those people they were talking to. Or he acted like he did. Commendable, if true.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

He had no choice politically

Here's someone suffering so what else could he do with the cameras on him. He gave contact info so the lady could supposedly reach him.

One other small thing about the video.. The lady added clothes. Did all of her clothes fly out of the window or is she just using the camera op herself to get a new wardrobe.

Food, gas, heat and other household things, like toilet paper etc.. sure.. if you feel the need to ask the state for help...but clothes?

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

If she had 3 feet of water in her house, then likely, she might

not have clothes.

But we don't know if that's her situation. She does look like she hasn't had a bath or changed her clothes in a week though.

I noticed that too and

I noticed that too and thought the same thing. LOL Extra blankets, sure, water definitely, but clothes? What? And, did you notice the wood hanging around on the ground right there during the interview? Anyone got a match?

Blessings )o(

I agree about burning debris for heat, but I'd hope they

have enough sense to do it safely. Considering she's relying on government, I'd say she's better off staying cold. If she lights a fire, she'll probably kill people in their homes because she's going to set the whole town on fire. This is especially dangerous if there is not enough water pressure to fight fires.

I voted you up.. Not sure why someone would downvote

your comment.. It wasn't nasty or incorrect.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Thanks, I appreciate that. I

Thanks, I appreciate that. I have a good idea who it was and why. No big deal. ;)

Blessings )o(

What a sorry excuse

for a human being. I couldn't make it past 20 seconds.

My God

If I was as distraught and hungry as that woman professes to be, I'd be eating that FEMA guy.