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Libertarian Network

We are looking for people host live radio shows via our news network,We have just started to get people ready for the launch we plan to start the network this month (Nov).Things we need radio host/podcast,video/live stream host,bloggers/writers.As of right now we have no funds for this network,everything we are doing is out of pocket our streams are real live streams listenable on every computer/cell phone and most cars also.The radio network has ties with AOL radio/xm radio with opportunity to getting picked up for national syndication.As said all of this is out of pocket we plan to sell ad space both on the radio/video and website once we can get sponsors and every host will get 50% of this,Or of any sponsors they bring with them.If this is something you would like to be apart of we would love to have you help build this network with us and spread the message of liberty contact us and we will be glad to help set you up.
Please make sure to email worldlibertynews@gmail.com

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