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4th quarter fundraising

3rd Quarter fundraising was announced by all candidates 5 days after the quarter ended.... why the delay for the 4th quarter.

My contention is that they don't want anymore attention paid to Ron Paul when they show that he raised 20M and noone else raised over 11M.

They have to disclose their numbers by the 31st of January.

The more we contriubte the more likely RP would run as an independent. You have to think that factors into his decision.

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New Ron Paul Web Site (by Viguerie)

Check it out. This is an interesting web site created by a famous conservative:


From what I understand

They have to report it by the 31st/1st but its not made publice by the FEC until later, I recall reading somewhere that it was the 16th of Jan. Could be mistaken though.

But if their not making their numbers public themselves then there's likely a reason, like not doing so hot.