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Soros think tank debt solution: Cut military benefits and pay


This is unbelievable to me. If this is actually taken into consideration then people have to take action. We can not sit by and watch them continue to screw over the people who have signed up to lay their life on the line for this country, it is bad enough already. Makes me sick. This would be the last straw for many.

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Not To Worry

As long as people like George Soros continue to earn a fortune w/ their war profiteering then everything is fine and dandy. These "greedy" soldiers ought to be ashamed of themselves. Don't they realize what an honor it is for them to risk life and limb in order to protect the oil interests (and MIC income) of the the power elite!

Soros is right on this way.

Soros is right on this way. Any reduction in the size of the military is a step forward. What other job can you work for twenty years and retire?

It's always about cutting the low man on the totem pole

it's never about tackling the real expenditures. That's the cost of war period and in all forms.

So now a soldiers life is worth less to them but when it comes to tanks, planes and bombs... that's hands off.

Let's cut their pay first!!!

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Not to mention how much

Not to mention how much Halliburton/KBR and Blackwater are getting paid over in Iraq and Afghanistan. How much they've just wasted. Remember Rumsfeld said ten years ago that the Pentagon didn't know where over 2 trillion had been spent, and that was ten years ago. Can you imagine how much they've wasted since then, after 9-11? And they soldiers have to pay for this incompetence that is absolutely no fault of their own? Because they've done all the bullshit they've been asked to do.

Soros is absolutely RIGHT!

Nobody enters the military to protect our freedom or to bring democracy to foreign lands. Because THAT is NOT what our military is for.

They join for adventure, a job and for a life time of veteran's benefits.

To REDUCE the military - reduce the pay and don't make it an appealing option.

Soro's is 100% correct.

And that is why

VETERANS who see the truth needs to help themselves first then help other Veterans to see the light and together we will deal with the people who create this PRS... ( Problem, Reaction , their solution) aka the soros of the world...