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$12 Shirts 100% Made In U.S.A.

A good friend of mine is making and selling T-shirts for 12 bucks each. These shirts are 10000% Made in the U.S. of A. He was the one who created the very first Ron Paul shirt back in 2007. Once the official store started making them, they (the official store) cheapened the print quality due to cost. He, however, maintains high quality.

I got a couple today that have The r3VOLution Continues printed on the back. They are outstanding quality and look freaking awesome.

He can do sweat shirts and other stuff (all made in USA) if you hit him up. His mother heads a local Campaign for Liberty in Ohio so some procedes go there.


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Some gift ideas. 'Who is John Galt' T-shirt also $12.00

Other stuff on clearance there also. Happy shopping!


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Big bump from a hard-core Gary Johnson supporter.

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