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Anyone Have any Experiences w/ Solar Generators ?

Anyone have any experience with solar generators? Is there anything out there that will power a house. Appreciate any advise !

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It's an interesting question at an interesting time.

Although a serious system in a temperate climate is still $10,000- $35,000, it is getting closer to when solar can supply all of our energy needs economically IF we reduce our energy demands.

High efficiency lighting is available at reasonable hardware store prices which can reduce electricity usage by up to 80%. The less demand you have, the smaller the solar collector system you need.

Super insulation can reduce heating and cooling needs by a similar amount. Reducing lighting and heating requirements by 80% obviously reduces the size of a solar collector system needed by a large percent.

Solar collector efficiencies are going up at the same time the costs are coming down. (Solyndra was, to some extent, killed by a drastic price drop in Chinese made solar panels)

Years ago, as I recall, solar panels were about $6 per watt.
I'm now seeing them for just under a buck a watt, and a buck is worth less than it was worth back then.

For me, new foam insulation and high efficiency lighting in my Chicago area business has been so effective that most of the heat in the place comes in the form of waste heat from two 5 HP compressor motors, electric water heater, washer and dryer, phase convertor, 5 HP jet washer, 3 computers, lighting and the TV. None of them run all the time.

Although adequate solar systems are still too expensive for the Chicago area, and windmills are out of the question, cold climate mini split heat pump/AC units are cost effective especially if it is time to buy the furnace or AC unit. Heating costs can be reduced by half or more.

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Build your own Solar Water Heater from an old car radiator

My brother built one for his hot tub.
Some videos:


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I'm not sure.

I don't have a solar generator, but I do have 4, 100 watt panels and a separate set of 3, 15 watt panels.

The 400 watt panels charge a set of deep cycle batteries in my shed. The batteries were EXPENSIVE!!! I started with 2 100AH batteries. Now I have 6. It is good backup for most of my house EXCEPT THE REFRIGERATOR. I use it for all of my outside lighting and a few other things.
I never ran out of battery.
My 600ah in theory gets me 1 amp for 600 hours. With a power outage, during the day, I wont use much power at all so my batteries charge. In cloudy conditions they charge much slower than in sun but they do charge.
At night I could run lights, tv, radio, and computer, totaling approx 480 watts at worst or 40 amps.
I can run 40 amps for 10 hours or more, and thats if I leave everything on all night.

The 45 watt set charges one battery, I use for charging phones and some computer use.

If your looking to run your house like normal, with huge electrical drawing appliances like stoves and refrigerators,I wouldn't say solar is the way to go.

As for a stove, get a propane Coleman stove or something similar. I have 3 of them.

lol....maybe if you cover

lol....maybe if you cover your entire roof in solar panels. $20K+ should do it:)

Here's a small solar generator...


You can buy the parts and solar panels to build your own for quite a bit less. There are some good tutorials on youtube that show you how to put them together. in fact, in a SHTF scenario, that would be a pretty good skill....build and sell solar generators for people.

I have a couple generators...one that will power the house, and a small Honda that I take on camping trips, tailgating, etc. I'm getting ready to either buy or build a solar one. It'll be enough to power and charge cell phones, tv, a few lights, microwave, and the fridge. Don't expect to be running your AC and dryer on a few solar panels.

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What I want is a home version of the stirling dish power plants that Sandia Labs came up with. I figure I'd stick it on my BUD (big ugly dish) pole. I love the idea of using the sun to run stirling engines to generate electricity.


Thats what

I thought. Thanks. We are pretty well prepared too but like to keep an eye out for any upgrades. Sounds like they are still a ways away.

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