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Ron Paul is NOT a "Racist": Black Father of Bi-Racial Child Endorses Dr. Paul

Yes it's ugly but we have to deal with it, because it is part of coordinated smears against Dr. Paul. In their abysmal ignorance and readiness to believe such vicious smears, I have heard liberal Obama Kool-Aid drinkers say this. I just came across this video. If I didn't know about it, and I am a real Ron Paul fan, then I wouldn't be surprised if there are many others who don't know about it either.

Involves an incident in Texas back in 1972. No other doctor would deliver this poor man's bi-racial baby, who was stillborn. I was nearly sobbing as I watched. How DARE anyone call as beautiful a man as Dr. Paul a "racist." To anyone you have heard this from, send them this. In fact, just blast it around for good measure anyway. Dammit I'm crying again.


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Im black and the crazy thing

Im black and the crazy thing is name one black individual, politician, group or organization that is recognized/respected by the black population in america that has publicly comeout and said Ron Paul is a racist. There isnt one its the boogie monster in the medias promoted and fascist demagogued paul closet. All you have to do is open the door and you brain will be cleansed of MSN propaganda. The only people who bring this up is the media and scared progressive groups that fear if blacks were exposed to the Libertarian message that they would turn their backs on the democratic party cutting them off at the knees (both fascist parties co-op groups and pit them against eachother to expand there political influence so that they can imposes their malevolent ideology by force on the rest of the population). Even the small amount of black individuals that would even let Ron Paul and racist comeout of their mouth in the same sentence will tell you behind closed doors he is not really racist they just have an agenda and that is getting Obama a second term.

Ron Paul has been to more NAACP gatherings getting standing ovations than Obama since they both started running for President. Ron Paul has spoken out about more issues that relate to black issues with are every ones issues really then Obama.

Look in general the black population in America is POOR so access to information is scarce. They are susceptible to propaganda just like POOR rural whites. Both the dem and repub party use this to their advantage when ever they need votes hit these groups with propaganda and lies and they wont be any the wiser.

I won my election in my city. How! because freedom is powerful. Dem couldnt call me a racist to charge up there base because im black and grew up in the same ghettos like everyone else luckly i got a football scholarship and can come back to free their minds to individual freedom. The repubs couldnt attack because I brought pp slides. So while they were spewing their white this black that poor this rich that I came with slides sourced from gathered city documentation to show them the current fiscal shenanigans that have occurred in the city over the years.

Freedom is Popular. I've gotten gang members registered libertarian, church members of all faiths, muslims, prostitutes, business and property owners, young kids, hispanics, whites (yes their are whites that are poor and live in the hood they are not all rich racist as the fascist want you to believe waiting to put blacks back in shackles to bring back american prosperity), etc. Most people just want to be left alone to their own devices and given honest and transparent fiscal accounting. Its simple I dont want to be abused by you you dont want to be abused by me so lets vote to not abuse each other because once one group votes to imposes their ideology on the rest of the population other groups will rises and vote to do the same thing. Vote for non-conscription of thy neighbor and open /transparent account and peace will soon follow. Dont let the repubs and the dems scream and shout about the bogeyman man scare you into delegating rights by force to protect yourself because you will soon find someones coming for your individuals rights to protect themselves and their interests.

Back when "Ron Paul Racist"

was the headline of about 50% of the stories I read, I found a compilation vid on youtube of Black person after Black person talking about how they'd seen through the lies of the media and support RP. This vid actually brought me to tears. To me, it was telling of how patriotic we all are once start paying attention and that previously perceived divisions may only exist in our heads.

Like the days after 9-11, I cannot wait to see our nation dropping their petty quarrels in support of each other. The next time we can all pull together like this will likely be at the re-birth of our nation.

I have posted that link on .....

Huffington Post at least 300 times within the last 6 months in response to people that have accused Ron Paul being racist.

I usually posted a comment reply to their accusation with " Yeah, I found video proof he is. (youtube link).

Never got one reply back after posting it. The other thing about that video is Dr. Paul told Mr. Williams not to worry about the hospital bill, he would take care of it. I know that had to burn the Democrats' tofu as well.

Not only did he forfeit his fee, the dear man might have paid

the hospital part out of his own pocket.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Do you really want this heading up in google search as a headlin


I'd change it.

My understanding is that 'the bad newsletters' were all or almost all written during a period of time in the 80s when Ron had self term limited by running for the Senate instead of for the House as an incumbant. He lost and was practicing medicine in Texas when these continued to be produced in DC.

During that time, I also have heard (not knowing much about libertarianism at the time) some libertarians had started trying to 'recruit' other conservatives with culture war snark. That Ron never did this you can see from his own speeches during that period when he continued to speak out against racism, including in the racist-as-applied drug war. If he thought this would better sell, why wouldn't he actually let those words through his lips in outreach? However, that explains why there were even people speaking that way volunteering for his newsletter under the paid editorial staff -- all in Washington DC.

As you point out, his medical care where he routinely gave discount or free service or terms to low income, frequently minority, females, also runs against it.

What pisses me off though, is that those who know this, or should, still speak in theatrical hushed tones of the 'racist newsletters', making them seem first worse than they were, and second, making them seem as if there were any question Ron had personally written the bad parts.

REALLY steams me, to be honest.

I learned about Ron Paul towards the end of 2007. I looked into the newsletters first thing, expecting to find SOME substance attributable to Ron, but they pop like a soap bubble.

The only thing there is the lack of tendency to central, top down management of those around him, which is in fact at times a flaw, but is also a feature.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Never thought about how the headline would look in a google

search...you are right, not clear enough. So I changed it. Let me know what you think.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Much better! This topic just makes me see red, I'm afraid!`

SO trumped up!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul