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An Appeal to my Brother (And Debunking Beck) A Glenn Beck Follower

I have been in multiple discussions with a brother of mine that cannot understand why I voted for Ron Paul (I live in Iowa so a figured a write-in vote was worth it). Below is a letter I am going to email to him. He is stuck in Becks hand-hold and I've been working on him for a while. Have a read and tell me what you think or if you have any suggestions. Feel free to use this on any other Beck followers you know.

Two Notes:

1. There are some parts that would require personal context to understand, just disregard that.
2. This is written to appeal to a Catholic, conservative in Iowa. He is obsessed with Beck these days.


I read the Chapter on Ron Paul and libertarians in Cowards. I think I now know why we can agree on everything but still argue. I believe a year or two from now you will share my views. I know I was making similar arguments to (Other Brother) four years ago when I really liked Ron Paul and was watching and reading Glenn. I voted for McCain anyway. Once the whole election stuff is over with and things settle down I think you may begin to change your mind. At first youll deny you agree with me, and this will fuel your search for the truth. Then you will admit it. Thats the way it went for me. I intend to send you material from now on. I don't ask that you accept it, only that you read or watch it.

If you view Ron Paul, libertarians and the true liberty movement in the way that Glenn portrays us, then I makes perfect sense for you to say the things you say. (For now on when I reference Ron Paul, I refer to his, mine and the liberty movements views) Glenn is either intentionally misleading his readers to protect the establishment or is gravely misinformed on Ron Pauls views. What I am suggesting is that he is diverting anti-state sediment from the real liberty movement for his and others benefit. I don't know if this is the case; the only evidence I have his how he undermined Andrew Brietbart and stole from him and how he can let the fraudulent company goldline sponsor him. But in the end it doesn't matter what Glenn's intent is. He brings a lot of information to light and does good things. He is a large part of the reason Dr. Paul had such a good showing this election, he had a large part in awakening me and many others to the cause of liberty. I just wish he'd join us.

So, in the book Glenn says, "Self-Sufficiency is the only antidote for moral decay". (or something to that effect). I quote this because I want to tell you this is all I meant when I say," I don't have to worry cause I'll be okay" or "Just control you own environment and things will be fine". I understand (as much as I can) how the phrasing of this may be insensitive to you from you perspective with a wife and kids to care for. I'm sorry if you received it that way. I and Ron Paul don't want to just 'bug out' and watch everything crash 'n burn. Thats what we're trying to prevent. Doing so would abridge everything we say we believe in. I don't know where Glenn gets this idea, but I assume that you get it from him. Just know that it's not accurate.

Glenns definitions of L vs l libertarianism is almost the opposite of reality. Ron Paul is an "l" libertarian. The difference is the capitol makes it a collectivist, dogmatic group but little l represents it as a ideology. Gary Johnson and the Cato Institute represent Libertarians. They are the ones that follow the rules strictly and do what they are told and only give lip service to there principles. (This isn't true in all cases, but generally) This makes them just as dangerous as the other Parties although they represent a far more tolerable state.

As a matter of policy, Ron Paul literally agrees with what Glenn says in the book. I have absolutely no clue where Glenn gets the idea the Ron doesn't want to up hold the law and recognize national sovereignty. It was incredible frustrating to read Glenn bash Ron for things he doesn't believe.

Gold Standard/Fed
Ron Paul is a hard money guy, yes. Fiat currency is unconstituitional. Glenn says we all want a return to the gold standard. NO NO NO! Rons been very clear on this, that we cannot return to a gold standard without a major crash. One that could be forced if we don't allow competing currencies, such as precious metal or commodity backed ones, compete with the feds fiat dollars. Again, Glenn illustrates he is utterly clueless of Ron Paul beliefs.

Glenn suggest ending the Fed on day one. The fed is a private banking cabal but as Ron explains in his book End the Fed (ironic, I Know) we cannot just end the fed without again destroying the money and market systems. We have to slowly takes steps.

Glenn says Ron Paul wants to cut social security and other welfare programs cold turkey. You almost have to go out of your way to not know this isn't true. We've seen what severe, adbrubt austerity will do in Europe. Riots and what Glenn calls 'revolution'. Again this is something Glenn and Ron are in complete agreement on and was infuriating to read. Ron wanted to allow us to exempt ourselves from these programs but sustain the programs long enough to meet current obligations.

Foreign Policy
Ron says don't steal (Involuntary Taxation if theft in the most literal sense, which Ill point out if a sinful act) money from Americans and give it to other governments. Glenn says he can if they are an ally like Isreal. (Isreal is not an ally, but thats something Ill have to address later). But the fact is we give more money to Isreals enemy's that we do to Isreal.
Ron says let goods and services move freely across borders. That way armies won't.

This is a big one that is also addressed below in the videos. It seems the only disagreement we have is on Islam and the muslim brotherhood. I firmly believe that the threat from Islam to America is almost completely fabricated. I don't believe 9/11 was a result of religious fundamentalism and for good reason. There are a few things at play here.

1. Islam makes the perfect scape goat for a fake enemy to feed the military industrial complex. This is due to the nature of the religion and...
2. Blowback. CIA term for unintended AND INTENDED consequences of foreign operations deliberately kept secret from the public. Our government is the instigator in provoking, financing, training militants. Anwar Alawki (wrong spelling) and Osama Bin Laden were both either FBI or CIA assets at one time. We gave Al Queda there name, flag and training. Just as Sec. of State Clinton or CIA Agent Micheal Schuer.
3.The petrodollar. How dollars are recycled and exported to keep our currency from collapsing. This is a big subject you'll have to research. What do libya, iran, yemen, and iraq have in common. They all have or have tried to export their oil in something other than dollars. We bomb, invade, and install new leadership and immediately have them begin exporting in dollars.
4. Our meddling in their affairs empowers bad people in the middle east to rise to power because it gives them a sense of nationalism and purpose, such as we had after 9/11. They then use their religion to manipulate people into becoming militants. That is what we see as radical islam. It is not a substantial threat to Americans. Only one exacerbated and exploited for other purposes.

So it's true that a lot of muslims, individuals and groups, would like to do us harm. But they can't. And it may prevent many senseless deaths if Americans stopped and wondered why and didn't accept the because 'they're muslim and we're free' arguement.

I suggest you read Ron Paul's other books, primarily End the Fed and Liberty Defined. You will find that every issue you & Glenn has with him is addressed. And if Glenn believes his own words, he would agree with Ron

I have been trying to illustrate that the reasons that Glenn gives in opposition for Ron Paul are the very reasons he should be supporting him. We need take steps in the right direction. It can't be done over night. That's exactly right and that's what the Ron Paul Revolution was and still is. We have worked so hard within the system to bring about the change we need and we still do. Ron Paul activist now control almost all of Iowas Republican party's positions. Now I will tell you I don't expect political activism to work, for much the reasons that Judge Napalitano eludes to in the video below, but if we don't try we won't deserve the liberty we desire so much. Every action must be taken to avoid violence.

In the end it come down to this.Glenn still accepts state solutions for our nations problems (War, Drug Prohibition etc). He doesn't understand foreign policy or the monetary system. His knowledge of Ron Paul's views is limited and in most causes false. This is more likely the reason that he won't really stand firm on his principles and wouldn't endorse Ron Paul. The ideal states man by his own account. His endorsement of Santorum illistrates this. Santorum is an economically illiterate statist.

Here are some videos of speeches from a recent Mises Institute conference. You will probably recognize many of the speakers.

This one is Thomas J. Dilerenzo. He has some good books on Lincoln and I think he was Glenn Becks show but I'm not sure.

This is Thomas Woods. He is an little "o" orthodox Catholic, libertarian Historian. An incredible speaker that can make the most mundane subjects facinating. I've read a couple of his books and I urge you to read him. Its like reading the great economist Mises or Rothbard but way easier to comprehend and much more interesting. Watch this video and I may put a list of other videos later.

this is the speech he refers to in the one above:

This is Judge Napalitano. Also an little "o" orthodox Catholic, little "l" libertarian Judge and Lawyer. Some very good insight into war and US history in this awesome speech.

Extra Invaluable Tom Woods Videos I hope you watch:

All of his Foriegn Policy ones of course:


Your Brother

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Has Glenn Beck ever covered the petrodollar,

if so I haven't seen it. Also has he covered the eminent BRICAS gold core trade union?

Paragraph 2

the word "sediment". should it be "sentiment"?

paragraph 4 Glenn's and their

Isreal should be Israel ("Isis-Ra-El")

2 Blowback. has a there/their mix

towards the end "Judge Napalitano eludes to" maybe should be "alludes"?

"limited and in most causes false." = cases

just nitpicking. enjoyed the read and the effort. thank you for sharing.

people still watch or listen to Glen Beck?



thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback

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